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  1. pm me ihave working one.
  2. this project 100% working on me.
  3. thanks you i understand already.
  4. Anyone Can Help me about this Error. TIA
  5. thanks for your reply. but i dont really understand. ist like this? ALTER TABLE tbl AUTO_INCREMENT = 150000;
  6. i know how to edit but the problem is when i create new character the char_id starts with 1 again. should be starts with 150001 something like that. how to fix this?
  7. how to make it starts with 15000? where should i edit this?
  8. this is my char table. whats the problem.. sorry i dont get it.
  9. do i need to change in to 150001 150002 150003 like this?
  10. thanks for answering my problem sir. but what should i edit here.
  11. event

    how to fix this boss thanks
  12. WIP

    is this already implemented in latest hercules?
  13. amazing work! i hope you realese this soon. Good Job!!
  14. im using hercules.. thanks @4144 i will check it
  15. i have issue with client 2018-03-07/2018-03-28/2018-04-04 i cannot use all AOE skill like Storm gust dragon breath lord of vermillion etc. how to fix this thanks
  16. Rune knight Dragon Breath Skill not Working. anyone can help me to fix dragon Breath skill
  17. can u provide map-sever/login-server/char-server screenshot. is there any error of it?
  18. db/attendance_db.conf
  19. change here^_^ conf/map/battle/features.conf // Enable Attendance System for clients >= 2018-03-07bRagexeRE or 2018-04-04bRagexe // true: enable (Default) // false: disable enable_attendance_system: true // Attendance End time in the format YearMonthDay feature_attendance_endtime: 20180331 -->> you should change this date the time you want to end yout attendance check
  20. Already fix. thanks
  21. im using 2018-03-21aRagexeRE mmo.h clientinfo.xml client.conf Diff.. anyone can help me thanks in advance!!
  22. @4144 hi i have another problem. i try to drop items but the items idrop cannot see on the floor but once i use @refresh the items that i drop comes out sorry for my bad english lol
  23. change the date in features.conf
  24. Thank you very much!!!! now is working i love you bro hahahahahahahah!!!