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  1. Thanks for the honest review I'm sorry I can't really make flashy/3d logos. But thanks anyway As for the price, I think I did give you a cheap price, My services are affordable compared to veteran designers tbh. Well then, Goodluck on your server
  2. Hmmm. First of all. We had a good thing going together. Until I was insulted by your working partner. Yeah It's a great insult. But that's between us. I lost the will to work with you guys and just finished it. Second, I clearly told you to change your VPS's php version. And about the website can't be loaded suddenly. I think that's not my problem anymore since I gave you a working one and didn't touch it after that.
  3. I suggest not to try and occupy blank spaces with chibis/characters. It looks messy IMO. Try to keep the design simple and pleasing to the eyes. Also, buttons give the patcher/website a lot of glamour but yeah, keep it up. Practice makes perfect. Looking forward to your future designs I'm not implying that I'm better tho. Just giving you some suggestions Here's some of my latest patcher designs. PS: Daifu-chan is the best
  4. pre paoffer nmn aq 5usd nlng sa forum kailangan na kailangan tlga eh 


    wala pq maibigay na 10usd kc ndi ko pa ncclaim sa paypal ung iba 9 usd plng nakuha q kaso baka magalit si missis kpg inubos ko

  5. Goodluck tol!
  6. +1000000000. Commended. The best. <3 <3
  7. Update: Pre-made LOGO
  8. You need to update your lua files and put the translated ones inside your grf. It's under luafiles/quest/ Here. Choose pre-re/re credits to @zackdreaver
  9. Welcome to the dark-side my friend...
  10. Please Rate Features: RSS Feed Kindly check out my services at the Paid Services section
  11. Available: Premade Thor Patcher Price: 5USD for PSD | 10USD for Coded Slots: [0/5] Features: RSS FEED
  12. You need some forum software like ipb or other forum software to install so that you can have forums.
  13. monster
  14. Sold Out: IPB4.2 theme Live Demo:
  15. Update: Logo for DragonRO