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  1. You probably activated "Disable Walk To Delay" diff. Re-diff your client and don't enable this again.
  2. Could you tell me how to increase the capacity of daggers in your hexed? My female Guillotine Cross has a two-handed sword sprite when using two crimson daggers.
  3. Okay, come on. Client: For you to use the Doram race or summoner class, you need a hexed 2015-10-01 or newer. Sprites: To get the "original" sprites you need to download the kRO (which you can find in this forum). Emulators: The two emulators are working as well with Doram, in this case, Hercules and rAthena.
  4. It seems that someone is annoyed with so many PMs, anyway, good job again Ryech. It should take a lot of patience to look for a client near 2017 who is stable.
  5. Good job. Thanks for that!
  6. Good job. Thanks for that.