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  1. Hi AnnieRuru thanks for replying. I've tried your suggestion. I did insert this at that line: initnpctimer; }end;OnInit: sleep 1; disablenpc "Mr. Banker"; disablenpc "lmswarp";end;but still the message persists. then I checked the NPC to warp at the location map. I was a fool realizing that I haven't replaced the original map_cache.dat with my modified one so really the NPC does not exist. I use two clients and i opened the wrong exe because the one I opened was my VPS and the event has not started at all. I am very sorry for this. I'm sorry for all of your time. I will dig into the possible errors more before I post.
  2. //prontera,155,185,4 script Manager 4_F_KAFRA8,{//globalmes "Hii Guyss !! xD ";//end;//}//town,70,86,4 script Registry 1_M_MOC_LORD,{//// mes "[LMS Event]";// mes "Hello. What can I do for you?";// next;// menu "Register",-,"What is LMS?",what,"Leave",leave;// next;// mes "[LMS Event]";// mes "Thank you for registering " + strcharinfo(0) + ", Have fun!";// close2;// npctalk ""+strcharinfo(0)+" has registered for th LMS.";// warp "2009rwc_04",0,0;// end;// what:// mes "[LMS Event]";// mes "LMS Event means Last Man Standing Event.";// next;// mes "[LMS Event]";// mes "LMS is also like a PvP.";// mes "The only difference is at LMS you will get 50 Cash Points if you are the Last Man Standing at the arena.";// next;// mes "[LMS Event]";// mes "That's all.";// close;// leave:// mes "[LMS Event]";// mes "I hope you will register next time.";// close;- script LMSAnnouncer -1,{OnClock0005:OnClock0605:OnClock1232:OnClock1805: enablenpc "lmswarp"; disablenpc "Mr. Banker"; delwaitingroom; waitingroom "Register LMS Now",0; announce "[ LMS Event ] : The Last Man Standing Event will be starting shortly.",0,0xFF6633; sleep2 3000; announce "[ LMS Event ] : Those who want to play, please proceed to the main town and look for the event portal.",0,0xFF6633; sleep2 2000; announce "[ LMS Event ] : The portal is going to close in one minute..",0,0xFF6633; sleep2 60000;// announce "[ LMS Event ] : Please go to the main town, go right and look for the event portal.",0,0xFF6633;// sleep2 15000;// announce "[ LMS Event ] : Last 30 seconds.",0,0xFF6633;// sleep2 15000;// announce "[ LMS Event ] : If you want to join, please proceed to the main town, go right and look for the event portal.",0,0xFF6633;// sleep2 15000;// for( set [email protected],5; [email protected] > 0 ; set [email protected],[email protected] - 1 ){// announce "[ LMS Event ] : "[email protected]+" seconds to go ~ Hurry Up !!",0,0xFF6633;// sleep2 1000;// } announce "[ LMS Event ] : The portal has been closed.",0,0xFF6633; sleep 5000; announce "[ LMS Event ] : Next event will start in 2 hours.",0,0xFF6633; delwaitingroom; disablenpc "lmswarp"; stopnpctimer; pvpoff "2009rwc_04"; mapannounce "2009rwc_04","[ LMS Event ] : The Last Man Standing Event will start shortly.",0,0xFF6633; sleep2 5000; mapannounce "2009rwc_04","[ LMS Event ] : Before we start, please take note on some few reminders:",0,0xFF6633; sleep2 5000; mapannounce "2009rwc_04","[ LMS Event ] : Using Cloaking, Hiding or similar in nature skills is strictly prohibited.",0,0xFF6633; sleep2 5000; mapannounce "2009rwc_04","[ LMS Event ] : Only the Last Man Standing will win this event!!",0,0xFF6633; sleep2 5000; mapannounce "2009rwc_04","[ LMS Event ] : What are we waiting for?.. Let's get ready to rumble!!...",0,0xFF6633; sleep2 5000; mapannounce "2009rwc_04","[ LMS Event ] : Get ready at the count of 5 we will start!",0,0xFF6633; sleep2 5000; for( set [email protected],5; [email protected] > 0; set [email protected],[email protected] - 1 ){ mapannounce "2009rwc_04","[ LMS Event ] : "[email protected]+" seconds to go ~ !!",0,0xFF6633; sleep2 1000; } pvpon "2009rwc_04"; enablenpc "Mr. Banker"; initnpctimer;end;OnTimer5000: if(getmapusers("2009rwc_04") == 0){ announce "[ LMS Event ] : Event cancelled due to lack of participants.",0,0xFF6633; stopnpctimer; }else if(getmapusers("2009rwc_04") == 1){ mapannounce "2009rwc_04","Mr. Banker: Please talk to me to get your prize..",0,0xFF6633; pvpoff "2009rwc_04"; stopnpctimer; }else if(getmapusers("2009rwc_04") == 2){ mapannounce "2009rwc_04","[ LMS Event ] : Last 2 Brave warriors are still alive!",0,0xFF6633; initnpctimer; }end;OnInit: disablenpc "Mr. Banker"; disablenpc "lmswarp";end;}//--------------------------2009rwc_04,43,58,6 script Mr. Banker 1_M_KNIGHTMASTER,{ if(getmapusers("2009rwc_04") > 1){ npctalk "Only the last Survivor can talk with me.";end;} mes "[Banker]"; mes "Congrats. You've won."; next; announce "[ LMS Event ] : We have a winner! well done "+strcharinfo(0)+".",0,0xFF6633; set #CASHPOINTS, #CASHPOINTS + 50; // Change This item id to what ever you want . item id,amount set #kill_point,0; dispbottom "You have obtained 50 Cash Points."; mes "I will warp you now to the main town."; close2; warp "alexandria",158,139; disablenpc "Mr. Banker"; end;OnInit: while(1){ delwaitingroom; waitingroom "["+getmapusers("2009rwc_04")+"] Participants ",0; sleep 1000; }end;OnPCDieEvent: if( strcharinfo(3) != "2009rwc_04")end; set #kill_point, 0; announce ""+strcharinfo(0)+" died and is out of the game!.",bc_all,0xFF6633; sleep2 100; atcommand "@alive"; sleep2 100; warp "alexandria",158,139; end; OnPCKillEvent: if( strcharinfo(3) != "2009rwc_04")end; set #kill_point,#kill_point+1; if ( #kill_point % 4 == 0) { announce ""+strcharinfo(0)+" have made 4 consecutive kills!! He will be granted an item.",bc_all,0xFF6633; getitem 7227, 1; } end; }//-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------//------------------Warp Portal------------------------------------------------------alexandria,158,134,0 warp lmswarp 2,2,2009rwc_04,0,0//-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------// == Mapflags2009rwc_04 mapflag nowarp2009rwc_04 mapflag nowarpto2009rwc_04 mapflag noteleport2009rwc_04 mapflag nosave2009rwc_04 mapflag nomemo2009rwc_04 mapflag nobranch2009rwc_04 mapflag pvp_noparty2009rwc_04 mapflag pvp_noguildI modified this script and added a warp to the map of the event. But i get this error on my mapserver: [Error]: npc_enable: Attempted to hide a non-existing NPC `Mr.Banker` <flag=0>[Error]: npc_enable: Attempted to hide a non-existing NPC `Disguise NPC` <flag=0>Any help will be appreciated.
  3. Atcommand

    just update your kRO. but it's still not working on 2013-03-20 when you are using hiding, cloaking and similar skills. Client crashes as well as the map server.
  4. Atcommand

    crashing when using the hide skills or alike