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  1. Anyone has an idea what I'm missing? :))
  2. i will send you a private message ) Could you solve the problem? Haven't yet )
  3. i will send you a private message )
  4. Apparently yes im using the same grf ) the path is like this data/texture./newmap/texture.bmp But when the errors show the path is like this data/texture\newmap/.bmp the difference is the \ <--
  5. Added a custom map texture in browedit and applied it to a map. (Also added in grf with proper path) But when you load it in game it shows Resource File not found but the directory is correct. But when i add the data folder in the client folder its being read. anybody know how to add a quickfix for this.
  6. Okie ill try it thanks.
  7. hi im actually making an automated flavius bg if enough players round will restart i want to replace the score to player count per team. since its a single round win
  8. Anyone knows how to use bg_get_data command. i want my flavius bg to display the player count instead of round wins
  9. Asking for services ty