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  1. Hi, I just started develop another ragnarok cp because I found fluxcp doesnt suit my need and doesnt easy to extend. You can see the looks on screenshot below It is still far from done yet. I will try to make extendable by utilizing module pattern (installable via composer) and the good news is I will be releasing as opensource so everyone can contribute you can follow development progress on github Any feedback, idea or contribution are welcome!
  2. yeah you are right, i have downloaded the pallete and it works like charm thanks
  3. try to applied is color doesnt work on some hairstyles? for example color for hair #1 is not working
  4. Hello fellow Hercules member, I'm currently searching for partner who want work with me voluntary and for fun. Any role is acceptable, it doesn't matter whether you are pro or just started yesterday as long as you have same vision with me. My vision to create 'no donation' private server, it doesn't matter any rates, episode, pre or re it can always discussed later. But my preference is low rates with pre renewal no customization such as healer, free warp, etc. Im also prefer disable kafra warper and added quest warp to push player to start adventuring. But this can discussed depend on community wants. Profit will never be my goal, It is my time to give back something to community since I was born from community. My Bio: Im Pras from Indonesia, my real life job is software engineer worked remotely from home at Singaporean and Malaysian startup. Im experienced with development and server side tools such as git, mysql, linux. Im also proficient in some programming language such as php, js, css, c/c++, golang. I love play adventure RPG game, my favorite game is suikoden that released in playstation. I was casual RO gamer back in 2004 but i love the graphic since it was pretty much same with suikoden. I love to do quest stuff in game. I mostly can do anything to build private server except creating custom maps, items, or related to graphic creation (Im suck with it) and also my knowledge for herculues emulator still low so creating plugin and source modification will be take long time for me. Current state: Im already have ddosed protected server located in california with proxy support (using GRE tunnel) it also playable but with default content. I dont know what content that community want thats why I need help from you. Last words: Im looking forward to build amazing community with you guys
  5. still available? add you at skype anyway
  6. @riddley after gooling a bit I found old map that you have suggested here but unfortunately it still don work my char still dont want walk to hallway. btw i run server in pre-re mode and using your data.grf by default iz_int map also incorrect had to replace to the new one. maybe I should search the new one instead the old one? EDIT: updated to new version, they strip the hallway it is completely dark, I can understand if I cant walk in new map. But when I use old try look my screenshot in first post, it loaded the old map in render fine but it behave like new map (Im using 20140205 client) SOLVED by updating mapcache.dat
  7. Thanks for the info, is this already in roadmap for development? meanwhile i try to search old academy map
  8. already merged into my grf replacing old one but still not working still cant walk to hallway
  9. Im encounter strange behavior when entering 2nd floor of academy. Map loaded correctly but I cant walk trough hallway but I can walk freely inside room (using @warp to ge into room
  10. I think it should have this feature but it also can by passed as long as it still in client side. another solution is pack app with well known protector such as themida (used by some AAA games) but of course it can unpacked too but it require great amount of knowledge to do it.
  11. Hi, it would be great if you guys enable semantic versioning in every hercules release it will help us to track version as well as compatibility each version.
  12. It is quite simple, its common architecture that used in web application. just seperate processing (Login, Char, Map) and state (Database). I have attached diagram in order to help you understand. Also US and Asia server must have *IDENTICAL* server binary and script otherwise you will see inconsistency between two server. i still need test about concurency after bit testing at this current state is impossible to archive this kind of architecture since it not designed like that. Also it is impossible to centralize map server. The only way is archived it through proxy. But i will explore more and try to learn how the server works
  13. why not singapore? it is more visible to SEA
  14. Is ok take your time bro, I appreciate clean and configurable works and less bug instead monkey patch solution. And yes it will take little too long for development, having less bug are more important than having more feature. Thanks for your work
  15. Yo!

    Yo! after being vaccum from RO world for almost 8 years finally has some interested again. I was searching for eatherna but i cant believe it is gone haha. I started to looking for new emu and start comparing between rathena and hercules, then I decided end up with hercules. because it has awesome plugin system. Honestly im no big fan of source modification, it is very dirty way to archive certain functionality. I was casual RO player who enjoying quest, adventure and storyline because Im big fan of PS game called suikoden. Iam web architect by day and hardcore git user. Hopefully can contribute in hercules in near future