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  1. HostBarrel is extending its global gaming footprint by providing premium game servers offering in ASIA. We've been in the gaming industry since 2013 and is consistently providing superb after sales customer service to our clients. First in its kind, we are bringing "The Real DDoS Protection" from europe to South East Asia at a very reasonable price. We are fully aware that DDoS is asia's major problem specially on the private gaming community. And up to present, there is still no Hosting Provider that effectively mitigates large attacks directing to servers located in asia. With this new technology, you, our future South East Asia subscribers will be empowered with a real ddos protection that absorbs both Layer 4 and Layer 7 attacks in a fly. Check out our Ragnarok Online and World of Warcraft game server packages on the following links. I have also attached an image snapshot of our packages for your reference. Ragnarok server packages: World of Warcraft server packages: For more information on our products and services, please email [email protected], we will be happy to assist you on your queries. Have a pleasant day and thank you for your time.
  2. BUMP! Bug confirmed. I'm using GTX 1050Ti, Core i7-4790, Samsung SSD 840 Evo. Client: 2010-07-30a