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  1. double check your classnum must be the same with itemdb or change the item location example from head to lower head
  2. for all classes just put 0xFFFFFFFF at your itemdb
  3. please help me with my problem after i recompile server and restart the server all storage become 0/0 even players storages are gone any solution for this it should be 0/900 if empty
  4. good day please help me where to get this sprite error thank you
  5. Hi i have a big problem after creating a instance the server get disconnect all players in game disconnected and when trying to enter in game its rejected players please help
  6. good day i was looking for infinity space instance like lots of server have now please if someone have it or if someone selling it i can also buy it emulator using new at hercules emulator but i must get for rathena emulator thank you
  7. wahhhhhhhhh is it ??? but i think i dont have hourly reward script in game
  8. yes all of the items are listed on my item_db.txt
  9. help please
  10. hi there people please help me how to fix this when player click shop inside this npc the npc only show jellopy but i already insert what does the shop should be thank you this is the script card_trader.txt
  11. Fenrir RO is looking for a cool GM that can handle events or entertainment for players in game have a great ideas how to make server more good have also a idea how possible it will be editing skills is a good advantage to all interested join discord channel at cya guys ^_^
  12. good day i was looking for devs that can make a forum for my server can understand communication clearly and can make me a forum like this forum ( IPB ) in a cheap prize also i dont have big budget yet lol thank you
  13. heres the script also please tell me what changes are warps.txt
  14. Good day i wabt to ask how to fix this problem Example - if player/players talk to warper and choose where to warp Some times the npc dialog disappered and the player stock up need to relogin again Is there any solution for this please help thank you so much If this kind of problem is private please pm me ^_^