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  1. heres the script also please tell me what changes are warps.txt
  2. Good day i wabt to ask how to fix this problem Example - if player/players talk to warper and choose where to warp Some times the npc dialog disappered and the player stock up need to relogin again Is there any solution for this please help thank you so much If this kind of problem is private please pm me ^_^
  3. try to relog in
  4. pre paoffer nmn aq 5usd nlng sa forum kailangan na kailangan tlga eh 


    wala pq maibigay na 10usd kc ndi ko pa ncclaim sa paypal ung iba 9 usd plng nakuha q kaso baka magalit si missis kpg inubos ko

  5. thank you @Daifuku
  6. salamt tol @Shiro
  7. Fenrir Ragnarok Online is now Open Website : Discord Channel : Registration Page : Come Join us !!! Our new server fast growing community !!! Full installer Download Link : Lite installer Download Link : To all using Lite installer and need a latest data.grf and rdata.grf file here they are >>>>>>
  8. oh btw im using rathena anyone can convert it?? should be a great pleasure
  9. the npc is not working when i click on it? i add the script on my custom database do i miss some thing todo??
  10. hi good day i would like to ask if there is a clear guide how to make a forum in they have simple install application on cpanel but when i already install it and click the link it said that no page available can some kind person can help me to fix this thank you
  11. good day help me to make lure to bait or make it consumable so that players will get bait or lure again into shop when all is gone this lure is accesories want to change it to consumable item please help thank you fishing.txt
  12. monster

    how to add this buddy??
  13. good day please help me on my problem today my player click donate on my website when its done i recieved the donation money but my player did not recieved any credits please help me how to fix this thank you
  14. good day boss and masters when i enter OGH and kill a monster even i finish the instance all mobs still dont drops items please help me how to fix this thank you ^_^
  15. WEBSITE = FORUM = Talk to us via DISCORD = Max level: 99/70 Base rate: 100x Job rate: 100x Item / equips rate: 50x Normal Card: 10% MvP Card: 1% Max ASPD: 190 Instant Cast: 150 Dex Host Location: Wide Servers Party level share gap: 20 Guild Capacity: 76 Server Features Pre-renewal mechanics. Account security feature. Account setting feature. Hourly automated events. Quest Shop. Aki Cash shop and more Gender Change. Battlegrounds Economy controller Guild Storage. Organized Vending & Chatbox Area. Many hair styles,hair colors & clothes colors to choose from Controlled & Organized vending, chatting space. Available NPCs Warper ( All towns + Fields + Dungeons except MVP Maps) Healer + Buff ( Agi & Blessings ) Job Changer Build Resetter Stylist Rental Services Banker Platinum Skills Tool Dealer Kafra Employee Battleground Recruiter PVP Warper with latest dota sounds and announcements Aki Coin Shop Aki Cash shop Quest Shop Basic Weapon Store Donation Redeemer More latest costumes BG Shop Available Commands @commands, @noks, @mobinfo, @whodrops, @time, @refresh, @request, @noask, @autoloot, @leave, @autoloot, @whodrops, @alootid,