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  1. please upload custom instance map
  2. after killing all monster at first floor the portal are missing
  3. aw buddy do you have fix one already i didnt see it sorry hehehehe where is it?
  4. i know that man but the uploader is here not on rathena thats why im asking ^_^
  5. yes it is
  6. any solution for this?
  7. after killing all monster on first floor and go inside for 2nd map cant talk to morocc npc to continue the instance rathena version
  8. after killing monsters on first floor no portal appearing to continue the instance rathena version buddy
  9. remple of god not working properly rathena version
  10. you can also enter the instance continiouly when you die or kick out
  11. @Alayne morse cave 2nd map when you talk to morocc monster nothing happens ^_^ rathena version
  12. great !!!! this is what im looking for ^_^
  13. i think maybe just change the location of npc to that icons
  14. try to check signboardlist.lub/lua files just try to change the coordinates
  15. i will look for that ./fsh especially OGH hard lol