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  1. Because people work on this in their free time? You are not paying anything, stop complaining.
  2. Got it, thank you! Will try that.
  3. Try lowering that. I did lower them and recompiled. When using the Change cart skill, the carts in the window that appears were still tied to old level requirements. So, for example, after changing (type == 2 && sd->status.base_level > 40) to (type == 2 && sd->status.base_level > 20) and using the Change cart skill with a 30 level character, only 1 cart option appeared. I am not even sure this code has anything to do with the carts that show up in the client and I probably got everyone confused. Really sorry if that is the case.
  4. How often can you bump topics here? Also bump.
  5. I have client 2015-09-16. To clarify, cart decoration is working. I was talking about carts intended for mechanics and genetics on levels 100+. My question should probably have been: How to lower level requirement for merchant carts?
  6. Hello! Is it possible to allow all merchant classes to use carts intended for mechanics and genetics? Lowering the levels in clif.c does nothing: #ifdef NEW_CARTS (type == 9 && sd->status.base_level > 130) || (type == 8 && sd->status.base_level > 120) || (type == 7 && sd->status.base_level > 110) || (type == 6 && sd->status.base_level > 100) || #endif (type == 5 && sd->status.base_level > 90) || (type == 4 && sd->status.base_level > 80) || (type == 3 && sd->status.base_level > 65) || (type == 2 && sd->status.base_level > 40) || (type == 1)) Is this hardcoded in the client? Thank you.
  7. Doesn't that end all status effects, including things like AT and Wind Walk?
  8. Is it possible at all to talk to NPC's while frozen/stunned/cursed? I don't actually know.
  9. Here is a script I am currently using that might help you. // Healer // Author: Lulupard // Version: 1.0 // Compatible With: Hercules - script Healer FAKE_NPC,{ // Check if heal delay has expired if ( healdelay <= gettimetick(2) ) { // Set heal delay, in seconds healdelay = gettimetick(2) + 30; // Remove negative status effects for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize( .debuffs ); [email protected] ) { sc_end .debuffs[ [email protected] ]; } // Repair equipment while( getbrokenid(1) ) { repairall; } // Blessing specialeffect2 EF_BLESSING; sc_start SC_BLESSING, 240000, 10; // Increase agility specialeffect2 EF_INC_AGI; sc_start SC_INC_AGI, 240000, 10; // Kyrie Eleison specialeffect2 EF_KYRIE; sc_start SC_KYRIE, 120000, 0; // Impositio Manus specialeffect2 EF_IMPOSITIO; sc_start SC_IMPOSITIO, 60000, 0; // Gloria specialeffect2 EF_GLORIA; sc_start SC_GLORIA, 30000, 0; // Heal // Accounts for mana increase from Blessing specialeffect2 EF_HEAL2; percentheal 100, 100; } else { // Add cutin cutin "ra_gwoman", 2; mes "[Priestess of Freya]"; mes "Patience, child."; mes "Visit me again in " + ( healdelay - gettimetick(2) ) + " seconds."; close2; cutin "", 255; end; } end; OnInit: // List of negative debuffs to be removed setarray .debuffs[0], SC_LEXAETERNA, SC_DEC_AGI, SC_POISON, SC_CURSE, SC_SILENCE, SC_BLIND, SC_VENOMBLEED, SC_DPOISON, SC_BURNING; end; } // Duplicates //============================================================ alberta,25,240,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#alb 4_F_MADAME aldebaran,135,118,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#alde 4_F_MADAME amatsu,200,79,4 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#ama 4_F_MADAME ayothaya,207,169,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#ayo 4_F_MADAME brasilis,194,221,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#bra 4_F_MADAME comodo,184,158,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#com 4_F_MADAME dicastes01,201,194,4 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#dic 4_F_MADAME einbech,57,36,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#einbe 4_F_MADAME einbroch,57,202,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#einbr 4_F_MADAME geffen,115,72,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#gef 4_F_MADAME gonryun,156,122,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#gon 4_F_MADAME hugel,89,150,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#hug 4_F_MADAME izlude,125,118,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#izl 4_F_MADAME jawaii,250,139,4 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#jaw 4_F_MADAME lighthalzen,151,100,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#lhz 4_F_MADAME louyang,226,103,4 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#lou 4_F_MADAME manuk,272,144,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#man 4_F_MADAME mid_camp,203,288,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#mid 4_F_MADAME moc_ruins,72,164,4 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#moc 4_F_MADAME morocc,153,97,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#mor 4_F_MADAME moscovia,220,191,4 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#mos 4_F_MADAME niflheim,212,182,5 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#nif 4_F_MADAME payon,179,106,4 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#pay 4_F_MADAME prontera,152,191,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#prtc 4_F_MADAME // Center prontera,159,326,4 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#prtn 4_F_MADAME // North prontera,278,208,4 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#prte 4_F_MADAME // East prontera,146,93,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#prts 4_F_MADAME // South prontera,33,208,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#prtw 4_F_MADAME // West rachel,123,117,6 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#rac 4_F_MADAME splendide,201,153,4 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#spl 4_F_MADAME thor_camp,249,74,4 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#thor 4_F_MADAME umbala,105,148,3 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#umb 4_F_MADAME veins,217,121,4 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#ve 4_F_MADAME xmas,143,136,4 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#xmas 4_F_MADAME yuno,164,45,4 duplicate(Healer) Priestess of Freya#yuno 4_F_MADAME
  10. Is there an english version? All the links I could find are in spanish. Thank you!
  11. Hello! I am currently looking at different control panels and can't seem to find one that supports master accounts (web accounts that let you register and manage multiple in-game accounts). All control panels with this functionality seem to be dead and outdated. The account-management branch of Herc's FluxCP was last updated in 2013. I wanted to ask if there is some FluxCP module or other control panel that I am missing or do people just not use master accounts? Thank you!
  12. Thank you! I will try and see if I can get it working.
  13. It works! Thank you! I have another question about this plugin, so I'm just going to ask here and not create another thread. I have managed to change the output message to display the item's name instead of the ID by replacing: pl_sd->status.cart[pl_sd->vending[j].index].nameid with: item_data->jname But I'm not able to do the same for the embedded cards. I don't know C, but I'm guessing the itemdb->search_name(item_name) function does not work with card IDs that I'm getting from pl_sd->status.cart[pl_sd->vending[j].index].card[0]. So is it possible to replace the embedded card IDs in the output message with their actual names? If something like this requires significant amount of work, I'll concider hiring someone later. Again, thank you for your help with this.
  14. Hello! I am using the @whosell and @whobuy plugins from Dastgir's repository. Currently, these commands show "Seller" and "Buyer" in their respective search results that show the name of the merchant that runs the shop. I was wondering if it was possible to change that to the name of the shop itself. So this: Amount: 1 | Price: 10000 | Map: prontera[150,150] | Seller: Merchant would become this: Amount: 1 | Price: 10000 | Map: prontera[150,150] | Shop: Cool stuff If I understand correctly this is only possible for shops that use @autotrade, while the @whosell command works on every shop? If so, could you please point me to a @whosell command that only works for @autotrading shops, since that is fine with me. Thank you!
  15. As I was planning on doing automatic weekly drop increases, that does not sound very promising. Thank you for the answer anyway!