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  1. conf/messages.conf ...good luck
  2. in groups.conf in the commands{} section add command_name: [true, true] for the groups you want to allow you can also do this programmatically in the script engine by doing add_group_command("command_name", group_id, true, true);
  3. If you want more bandwidth try RamNode and choose NYC or ATL as location since you want it on the east coast. Both OVH and RamNode are very reliable.
  4. This function does not check whether or not map->list contains map m before using it which can cause out-of-bounds read; but something else is weird here: your y0 is overflowed and your x0 is very high. Could you please provide a full backtrace? just write "bt full" when you see the (gdb) prompt Also it would help to know your git revision commit hash or tag
  5. @luizragna in Hercules v2018.06.03 we added support for global lookups with getunits() so there is no need to supply a map. Just update your Hercules installation to v2018.06.03 or a newer version.
  6. [email protected] = getunits(BL_PC, [email protected], false); for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]) { addtimer(0, "MyNPC::OnMyEvent", [email protected][[email protected]]); } end; OnMyEvent: command(); // <= here buf if you only want to revive everyone you can simply do this: recovery();
  7. those are reserved for future use, but feel free to use anything that is free between 400 and 1000, or between 10001 and 10248 currently the only free ID within this range is 10204 but you could manually change src/map/npc.h on line 147 (currently the max is 10248)
  8. this is because 126 is not in the valid range of NPC ids: it has to be between 45 and 125, or between 400 and 1000, or between 10001 and 10248 reference:
  9. from the screenshot I see you are using reloadscript, but the const db doesn't get reloaded when using this command
  10. the list of NPC ids is in db/constants.conf around line 2630 (search for FAKE_NPC)
  11. if you absolutely must use your script, then: if ([email protected][[email protected]] <= 3) { announce(sprintf("Player %s obtained a %s (%02i%% chance)", strcharinfo(PC_NAME), getitemname([email protected][[email protected] - 1]), [email protected][[email protected]]), bc_all); }
  12. just run "make import" from the root of the repo and then edit the files in conf/import to suit your needs
  13. Duplicate npcs do share variables but this is legacy code that we can't change without breaking backward-compatibility. What we could do however is add a config flag so you can manually choose the desired behaviour. The problem is that in npc_duplicate_script_sub the function does npc->script = source->script, so it creates a pointer to the parent script_code struct instead of creating its own and variables are stored in this struct. The Evol plugin fixes this by creating its own struct but since I see other people want this change I will move it to Hercules directly instead.
  14. you could manually check the day from your script with gettime(GETTIME_DAYOFYEAR)
  15. If it can't find login- char- or map-server and manually doing ls {login,char,map}-server shows nothing then either the build failed or you forgot to build altogether. Make sure you have the required dependencies installed and then follow the build instructions