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  1. right before using unitskill() you could call getmapxy() with GID of the mob. If the GID is not found the command will return -1 (while it returns 0 on success). If it returns -1 you would then call deletearray() to remove it from the array while shifting; You can also use the array manipulation function, namely array_shift()
  2. It really depends on what you wish to accomplish. Do you want to do it from a plugin or from scripts? Do you want the effect to be centered on the player or on another unit (mob,npc, ...)? Do you want all players in the area to see it or only one player? From a plugin you would simply push to the event queue, while from script you would use addtimer() or npc timers in combination with specialeffect(). @timed_effect = EF_HITDARK; // set a PC variable with the effect to use addtimer(500, strnpcinfo(NPC_NAME) + "::OnTimedEffect"); // set the trigger to 500ms in the future end; // terminate execution OnTimedEffect: specialeffect(@timed_effect, AREA, playerattached()); // show the effect to everyone in the area, centered on the attached player end;
  3. right when you start map server it should tell you the hash
  4. Please confirm the git hash of your map server
  5. t_sd->party_invite = sd->status.party_id; t_sd->party_invite_account = sd->status.account_id; party->reply_invite(t_sd, sd->status.party_id, 1);
  6. use the @version command
  7. UPDATE: This was introduced by bbaf869 (& fixed in 77c4315) in response to Herc#5085
  8. Mobs have a different max skill level than players. Currently it's set to 100 by default EDIT: it seems level 48 is a special case: it gets the rate benefit but has the same duration as level 10 ...and this is only true for this one specific skill. Seems like a dirty hack that was added because someone was too lazy to add a new option to mob skill db
  9. I guess you meant (x,y) of a cell but if you really want an ID (of map->cell[]) you would do (x + y * map->list[m].xs). If you just want x,y then you don't need to do anything fancy since skill_castend_pos2 already has access to x,y
  10. @greenieken It seems you didn't read my post at all... specialeffect2 is the easiest to convert because its behaviour is predicable, unlike misceffect, which depends on attached oid/rid. In your case, specialeffect2(EF_BEGINSPELL6) could be converted to specialeffect(EF_BEGINSPELL6, AREA, playerattached()). However, I see you call it from the OnAgitStart event, which does not have an attached rid so even your specialeffect2() shouldn't have worked before... And the vanilla script did not use specialeffect2 either. The correct command to use here is simply specialeffect(EF_BEGINSPELL6);
  11. @greenieken when you start hercules it should show the revision, assuming you cloned with git and not downloaded a .zip
  12. Nope. You need to ditch the "pow" part entirely, so pow(10, .@i + 1) simply becomes (10 ** (.@i + 1))
  13. winscp? then I guess your pc is running windows and your server is running linux? If so, login through ssh (using putty) and navigate to the hercules folder (using cd), then use the command