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  1. you'll want to look into the item options system:
  2. @Rebel thanks for the second bug report! I have updated the pull request
  3. @Rebel this should fix your crash:
  4. wow that's quite awkward then; we should definitely get rid of it I'll open a PR to remove useless usages of getd
  5. sorry, we do not provide support for rAthena, however the following should work: [email protected]_id = monster("prontera", 150, 150, "Poring", PORING, 1); setunitdata([email protected]_id, UDT_MAXHP, 100000); setunitdata([email protected]_id, UDT_HP, 100000); Also keep in mind that mob events are called upon death, not summon
  6. @Darius Trevor This is fixed in but please use constants directly instead of using getd
  7. ARCH_MERC_GUILD, SPEAR_MERC_GUILD and SWORD_MERC_GUILD are hardcoded constants, so you cannot use them as variable Instead of doing something like this to get their values: setarray([email protected]$, "SPEAR_MERC_GUILD", "SWORD_MERC_GUILD", "ARCH_MERC_GUILD"); ... getd([email protected]$[1]) Just use the plain constants: setarray([email protected], SPEAR_MERC_GUILD, SWORD_MERC_GUILD, ARCH_MERC_GUILD); ... [email protected][1]
  8. setunitdata() was added in April 2017, so if you have a recent version of Hercules you should already have it. You can find the documentation in doc/script_commands.txt
  9. Since Hercules now uses LGTM, If you fix code quality issues during the month of October, Semmle (the company behind LGTM) will donate $3 to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to protect endangered species for every point you obtain. You can also win nice prizes, such as a free ticket to GitHub Universe 2018 (including travel and accommodation), a Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV camera drone, or a Raspberry PI 3 B+ Starter Kit development board. Points will only be awarded for fixes that reach the main branch of a project’s repository (i.e. for Pull Requests that are merged), and will be awarded as follows: 1 point per recommendation, 3 points per warning, and 5 points per error fixed. Since Hercules has automatic code review enabled, then points awarded for fixes will be 3x the normal amount. This means 3 points, 9 points, and 15 points. So for example, if a participant fixes 3 errors, they will be awarded 45 points ((3 * 5) * 3), and Semmle will donate $135 to WWF. >>>> Register on
  10. @MikZ this PR should fix your issue:
  11. @MikZ yes, nevermind, it seems this function is actually called from pc.c when a player spends or obtains zeny. I'll submit a patch shortly
  12. this script does not use queuesize() so it cannot trigger this warning, this means your issue is in another script, not this one
  13. db/(pre-)re/achiemement_db.conf
  14. 'amount ! =0! in function 'achievement_validate_zeny this is pretty explicit, it means you put a zeny achievement in the achievement db with Goal: 0, which is invalid, because players cannot spend -0 or gain +0 zeny
  15. I have made a script to automatically set up the sql connection on new Hercules installations. The script does the following: Installs Chocolatey (for easy installation and upgrading of MariaDB) Installs the latest MariaDB version from Chocolatey Resets the root password for MariaDB, and adds a Hercules user Creates a Hercules database and imports the main.sql file Updates the configuration files so that Hercules uses the new database You can download the script here: Save the file as mariadb.bat, at the root of your Hercules folder Right-click on the file and do "Run as administrator" Follow the on-screen prompts