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  1. 26 hours vps down PERFECT!
  2. vps is off more than 12 hours its perfect! (y) and no further info
  3. Need help with Wanhosting please pm me its really urgent

  4. Anyone using this service as well?? can send me the solusvm link of this service? because my VPS is die for more than 6 hours please help me its really urgent :'(
  5. i`ve been looking around alr bro and i cant find it
  6. hey guys would you guys tell me how to make healer with identify all? thanks
  7. hey guys i`m kinda need freebies per ip or per account please help me thanks
  8. hey bro can you give me your discord or skype i want to use your service


  9. can someone help me with this? :'( i really dont understand :'(
  10. Please just finish my forum and my website bro dont like this please! I`M WAITING 1 MONTH FOR YOU TO FINISH THE FORUM AND THE WEBSITE! PLEASE BRO!
  11. hey i want to use your service bro

  12. Guys i`ve been thinking i want to move my rathena to but the problem is can i move the sql some of the data to herc? its like achievement,title and the player data base since i`m quite new to please help me thanks