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  1. Thank you so much! I found my mistake, it helped me make clean && make sql (for hercules)
  2. Meko, Verno Thank you very much! That helped! Sorry for the fact that I did not answer for a long time, there was a lot of work! Can you please tell me how to fix this problem? The command does not work ./athena-start stop ./athena-start stop ./athena-start: 60: kill: No such process rm: remove write-protected regular file ‘’?
  3. Hello friends! Recently I ran into a problem! I copied my emulator from the server, in order to return to it later.When the time came, I copied it back to the server! My problem is that he stopped running and that's what he writes: [email protected]:/home/test/athena# ./athena-start start Athena Starting... (c) 2003 Athena Project modified by [email protected] checking... Check complete. Looks good, a nice Athena! Now Started Athena. [email protected]:/home/test/athena# ./athena-start: 51: exec: ./map-server: Permission denied ./athena-start: 49: exec: ./char-server: Permission denied ./athena-start: 47: exec: ./login-server: Permission denied ^C [email protected]:/home/test/athena# Tell me please, what's my mistake? Thank you
  4. Thank you! Nemo does not work! But thanks to this I realized what the problem is
  5. Hello friends! I really need your help! It does not work for me exe! The game does not start, no mistake Tell me please, did I do everything right? Tell me please. What is my fault?