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  1. Sorry for such a delay, was too busy, but now a new version is released ! Key features: chat battle mode support, skill bar with working hotkeys! http://aesir.perfontain.ru/forum/topic/13-beta-v021/
  2. In the next beta will be support for hotkeys and some another effects, so with that version will be made some vids
  3. Hi all !A new beta is released !Get it there : http://aesir.perfontain.ru/forum/index.php?/topic/10-..Key changes include : ground skill effects and finally damage numbers.
  4. Thanks for your support, guys ! Winter effects are coming
  5. That's for your concepts, i will think about it.
  6. There's a new release, hey ! http://aesir.perfontain.ru/forum/index.php?/topic/8-beta-v011 Now UTF8 is default charset, so it can supports 583 different languages and other unicode symbols ! Also i am making test server, so everyone will be able to connect and test Æsir with it.
  7. @raPalooza~ yes, vanilla stuff first, but currently there's for example no some UI elements, and there's no difference in the difficulty to make them as original or as something brand new
  8. Hello !I want to remake the interface, so is there someone who can draw and is interested in it ? We can make brand new, better interface.Write me.
  9. Hello guys ! I'm sorry for such a delay, but i have some troubles IRL, and while i'm the only one who develops this client, there was no news. Æsir made a big step, many basic features are now accessible. It's not so much comparing with korean client, but it's a good start. With time, features will multiply. You can download and try it right here.
  10. Allez vous faire foutre tous ceux qui m'disent que c'est mort. Are you really think that it's so easy to write a game from scratch on one's own ? I am working and i have my life, and with all those things i am continuing write this client. There will be first public beta release in 1-2 weeks with new features, of course.
  11. A client now has a name - Æsir ! You can support development on the patreon. More support, less freelance i do https://www.patreon.com/temtaime First public build will be available soon.
  12. Thanks for yours support ! Project is written in D(dlang.org) using OpenGL as on all the platforms. Currently it is a closed-source project, but i will post some more info soon. Speaking about help there's some work with original client, for example effects table extraction and some work on file formats. Some are yes and some are not(it's on on screens with character and off on the others because of making far planes blurred).
  13. Hello everybody ! I'm working about two years on writing a complete new RO client. I hadn't so much time, as I'd wish, but now it's almost ready for a basic gameplay. So what are the advantages of having own RO client ? RO doesn't depend anymore on Koreans. It gives an ability for releasing of any new feature, whatever the players want: new 3D mobs, dynamically generated locations, everything you want. The client is cross-platform and can work on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android natively. Thanks to using of new computer graphics features, the client works faster, consumes fewer resources, providing better graphics. For example, it loads a location instantly(to be more precise, it takes ~15 ms to load a map) - so no waiting anymore ! What are the features we have today ? Dynamic shadows and per-pixel shading(no strange blur on the ground anymore!). Correct rendering of all the sprites and locations including all the animations on the locations. Rendering the best part of effects. The most part of UI. All the network communications with server. But there are some missing features: some part of UI(skill UI for example), and some in-game interactions are missed. But all these will be fixed soon. I would find those who are interested in that project, because it will be the only project, which will be used on the servers providing better game experience. Also, a development of the project requires some means and other help, so if you have a mind and in the position, you can write to me in PM or in these comments. Some screenshots: