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  1. i'm missing codes and i can't figure it out how to disable the item id: 610 and 678... how do i write them on my scripts? ex: OnClock1930: // everyday 7:30pm ends L_end: gvgoff "guild_vs1"; announce "The King of Emperium Hill is over!", bc_all; .start = 0; nowarp @skilloff //disable skills enablenpc "Exit#KoE"; disablenpc "The King#KoE"; killmonsterall "guild_vs1"; end; any help??
  2. oe like this.. OnMinute1200: if (gettime(3)%2 || .startcluck) end; announce "[Cluck! Cluck! Boom!] is about to start in arza 140 71!",bc_blue; initnpctimer; end;
  3. OnMinute0100: OnMinute0200: OnMinute0300: OnMinute0400: OnMinute0500: OnMinute0600: OnMinute0700: OnMinute0800: OnMinute1000: OnMinute1100: OnMinute1200: if (gettime(3)%2 || .startcluck){ } should i put it like these..????
  4. Can you help me with my topic??


    1. sillyhead


      there's a script inside. click cluckers event thanks

  5. Can you help me with these..??


  6. I want to create an hourly event of cluckers but i have 9 to 10 woe time event.. how can i disable my cluckers npc when the server time reach 21:00 and activate again in 22:00 to continue the every hour event.?? hee's my code //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Cluck! Cluck! Boom! //===== By: ================================================== //= Keale //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.2a //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= rAthena Project //===== Description: ========================================= //= Click the chicken and try retrieve the item at a low //= chance. If you fail he will nuke, freeze, stone, //= stun, or make you fall asleep. //= The prize is configurable and triggered by the NPC. //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= 1.0 First release. //= 1.1 Using 'switch rand' instead. //= 1.2 Cleaned and standardized. [Euphy] //= 1.2a Switched 'atcommand' to 'unitskilluseid'. //= 1.3 Switched 'unitskilluseid' to 'unitkill'. //============================================================ arza,140,71,4 script Cluckers 800,{ set [email protected],2; // GM level required to access NPC CLUCKERS: OnMinute01: if (gettime(3)%2 || .startcluck){ specialeffect2 EF_HIT3; switch(rand(15)) { case 0: npctalk "Cluckers : CLUUUUUUCK!!!"; unitkill getcharid(3); skilleffect "NPC_SELFDESTRUCTION",1; emotion e_omg; break; case 1: npctalk "Cluckers : Cluuuuuck!~"; break; case 2: unitkill getcharid(3); skilleffect "NPC_SELFDESTRUCTION",1; break; case 3: sc_start SC_Freeze,10000,0; break; case 4: npctalk "Cluckers : CLUUUUUUUUUCK!!!"; unitkill getcharid(3); skilleffect "NPC_SELFDESTRUCTION",1; emotion e_omg; break; case 5: sc_start SC_Sleep,10000,0; break; case 6: sc_start SC_Stone,10000,0; emotion e_gg; break; case 7: npctalk "Cluckers : CLUUUUUUCK!!!"; unitkill getcharid(3); skilleffect "NPC_SELFDESTRUCTION",1; emotion e_omg; break; case 8: npctalk "Cluckers : Die! BITCH!"; unitkill getcharid(3); skilleffect "NPC_SELFDESTRUCTION",1; emotion e_omg; break; case 9: sc_start SC_Stun,10000,0; break; case 10: sc_start SC_Sleep,10000,0; emotion e_gg; break; case 11: npctalk "Cluckers : Cluck! Cluck!"; break; case 12: sc_start SC_Stun,10000,0; break; case 13: unitkill getcharid(3); skilleffect "NPC_SELFDESTRUCTION",1; break; default: if (rand(50) < 10) { npctalk "Cluckers : WOOF!..........."; specialeffect2 EF_SPHERE; announce "[Cluck! Cluck! Boom!] " + strcharinfo(0) + " squeezed out the mothafuckin' prize! Well done!",0; getitem $cluck_item_id,$cluck_item_amount; set .startcluck,0; } else { npctalk "Cluckers : Cluck! CLUUUCK!! MOTHERFUCKERS!!"; unitkill getcharid(3); skilleffect "NPC_SELFDESTRUCTION",1; } break; } end; } mes "[Cluckers]"; if (getgmlevel() >= [email protected]) { mes "Cluck cluck! Cluuuuuck? ^FF0000~Hi GM " + strcharinfo(0) + ", Wanna play today?~^000000"; mes "Cluck cluck... CLUCK! ^FF0000~Just tell me what to do!~^000000"; next; while(1) switch(select("Start Event:Check Prize:Set Prize:Not today Cluckers")) { case 1: mes "[Cluckers]"; mes "CLUCK! ^FF0000~Sure thing!~^000000"; emotion e_ok; close2; announce "[Cluck! Cluck! Boom!] is about to start in Arza!",bc_blue; initnpctimer; end; case 2: mes "[Cluckers]"; mes "Cluck, cluck cluck... Cluck! MOTHERFUCKERS! ^FF0000~The current prize is^000000 ^008000"+ $cluck_item_amount +" "+ getitemname($cluck_item_id) +".^000000"; next; break; case 3: mes "[Cluckers]"; mes "Cluck cluck? Cluck??? ^FF0000~What should the fuckin' prize for winning be? Please input the ID.~^000000"; input $cluck_item_id; next; mes "[Cluckers]"; mes "Cluck? cluuuck? ^FF0000~How many if this item should I give away?~^000000"; input $cluck_item_amount; next; mes "[Cluckers]"; mes "Cluck cluck..? Cluck. ^FF0000~So, the prize is^000000 ^008000"+ $cluck_item_amount +" "+ getitemname($cluck_item_id) +"^000000? ^FF0000Great.~^000000"; emotion e_ok; next; break; case 4: mes "[Cluckers]"; mes "Cluck cluck cluck..."; close; } } mes "Cluck cluck! Cluuuuuck?"; mes "Cluck...."; close; OnTimer10000: announce "Please hurry behind the fountain if you want to play with the crazy chicken!",bc_blue; end; OnTimer20000: announce "Cluckers has eaten one of my items! I'm too scared to retrieve it!",bc_blue; end; OnTimer30000: announce "Click the insane chicken and try squeeze out the item, if you're lucky you'll win! Are you ready?",bc_blue; end; OnTimer40000: announce "GO! Click the chicken to get the prize!",bc_blue; stopnpctimer; if (!$cluck_item_id) set $cluck_item_id,674; if (!$cluck_item_amount) set $cluck_item_amount,20; set .startcluck,1; end; } Help please. Thanks in adavance