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  1. Ze-RO Private International Server! A newly and fresh 99/70 Pre-Renewal Low-Mid Rate Server is coming your way! Join the Closed Beta Testing on the 20th of July, 2017 on this epic journey of ours! *SHARING EVENT ONGOING* -Repost this post and put #supportzerocbt *10 Winners will receive $10 worth of cash points in game Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/122869974985240/ Page: https://www.facebook.com/ZeROCommunity/ Website: https://ze-ro.org/ ~For the Features~ ! Custom Quest Items! ! GvG EVENTS WITH $$ PRIZE POOL SENT VIA PAYPAL/WU -GPack included with minimum of 15 members (with different IP's) ! MVP Cards are disabled (Ghostring, Deviling etc..) ! Rates : 50/50/10 ! Max Base: 99 ! Max Job: 70 ! Max Stats: 99 ! Max ASPD: 190 ! Transcendent Classes ! Daily Quest ! Gepard Shield ! Custom NPC (Warper, Healer, Reset Girl, Platinum Skill NPC, Job Master) ! Custom Rooms (Pvp Room, Mall Room, Battleground Room) ! Active Events (Disguise Event, Poring Catcher, Mr. Dice) ! Active GM Events (Crack the password, Hide and Seek, Pvp and GVG Events, Run from Death and more!) ! Freebies! ! Raid Dungeons! ! With Mining and Fising! See you there!