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  1. Actually you're not getting my points, but by the way I already made myself a script and made my voting system to give my players a Credit Points instead of the usual Vote Points, so in this case our players can buy/bought from our Online Item Shop, instead of donating real money to get the equivalent value of "Credit Points". Thank you for your reply by the way.
  2. I have properly installed the script, however I don't know How to integrate the PSD with the Script, can you help me to install the PSD properly? and where we can see the PSD images if the script is totally running? should it be seen on in-game interface? or should it be seen on our Official Website using FluxCP I hope you can save my time with your works, This is really highly appreciated!
  3. Is there a way to change the table of 'donation credits' which is currently pointed to 'cp_credits' table, because I have a vote for points addon and I want to use my 'cp_v4p_voters' table where column 'points' instead of using 'cp_credits' table where column 'balance when purchasing an item to our Online Item Shop, so that every time my clients vote for our server they earn credits to buy to our Item Shop. Please Help.