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  1. I've found build 2015 11-04 to be pretty stable. You'll need to grab the translation files and merge them with your kRO files. Use NEMO after that on your RagExe client and "Use Recommended" for the options. If what I've said is too brief or you get confused in the process, just message me or find a tutorial on the forums for setting up your client. Hope your client works and you have a blast playing Ragnarok!
  2. This DevDiary was a nice insight into the development timeline of a server, very useful and a cool topic to read over! How stable are RPi's for server hosting? I'm currently using a dedicated server to work on my project but it's cool to see something as robust as RO running on an RPi.
  3. This is pretty neat and useful, I'll follow this for future scripting endeavors. Thanks!
  4. Hello! It's a pleasure to meet you all. I'm Cero, I've been playing RO inconsistently for around 5-6 years. I found this forum while trying to broaden my knowledge on RO development. Recently, I've begun working on a Ragnarok server project. From the threads I've read on beginner rAthena and Herc scripting, everyone here seems nice and ready to offer help. I'll be around the forums posting about scripting and paid services mainly, I hope for my stay here to be a long one, and one to remember with all of you. Thanks and have a nice day! ^_^