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  1. Overhaul of the mob mode system rAthena Update ?
  2. - Po can be save ASCI to UTF-8 ? - Client can use langtype default to UTF-8 ? - you have a simple file .po UTF-8 ? Sry, I'm bad English.
  3. i edit po file but, Font not correct in Server, Client. Lang-Eng work only. China, Japan, other Lang is not work.
  4. Too many warning, can't compile.
  5. Thank you sir ^ ^
  6. Events

    Impossible random multiple item drop?
  7. Simple script Online exchange Point ?
  8. Client closed before login screen.
  9. Haha, sry forget check map doesnt have any warps, it work fine ^ ^
  10. How to fix result in fail to navigate.
  11. It' not work for long map distance. T^T
  12. i want information monster Episode 1.0 T^T Pls, share
  13. System in my dream T^T
  14. Hello i found, New bug i try edit Pyramid Dungeon and set @lockDungeonAtLevel,1; script is bug After unlock dungeon level 2, -- Script auto unlock level3, when player unlock dungeon level 2 found a Bug can't unlock high level dungeon Pyramid Dungeon 3,Pyramid Dungeon 4, Pyramid Basement 1, Pyramid Basement 2. dun_pyramid: setarray [email protected][0],15,16,17,18,19,20; setarray [email protected]_location_array[0],2,2,2,2,2,2; setarray [email protected]$[0],"Pyramid Dungeon 1","Pyramid Dungeon 2","Pyramid Dungeon 3","Pyramid Dungeon 4","Pyramid Basement 1","Pyramid Basement 2"; set [email protected],1; set [email protected]$,"state_dun_pyramid"; setarray [email protected]$[0],"Lv. 10-20","Lv. 45-55","Lv. 50-60","Lv. 55-65","Lv. 55-65","Lv. 55-65"; setarray [email protected]_items_1[0],938,913; setarray [email protected]_amount_1[0],25,15; set [email protected]_1,3000; setarray [email protected]_items_2[0],7006,932; setarray [email protected]_amount_2[0],25,25; set [email protected]_2,7000; setarray [email protected]_items_3[0],929,930,528; setarray [email protected]_amount_3[0],50,50,10; set [email protected]_3,16000; setarray [email protected]_items_4[0],936,934; setarray [email protected]_amount_4[0],75,25; set [email protected]_4,42000; setarray [email protected]_items_5[0],941,930; setarray [email protected]_amount_5[0],50,30; set [email protected]_5,15000; setarray [email protected]_items_6[0],1096,934; setarray [email protected]_amount_6[0],50,30; set [email protected]_6,37000; goto dungeon_handling; close; Sry, sir im bad english Script Source "Loki Warper" pls. Help me!
  15. Hello.. ^ ^ Old style blacksmith weapon refine help me SRC edit. I need change skill "Weapon Refine" from blacksmith showing Item level upgrades in dialog box skill. +6 katana katana katana katana katana seem likes Npc, when using skill