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  1. Thanks for the updates Dastgir, ClassNum is working properly xD But now I'm having problems with SlotCount :/ Idnums that I have used: Idnum.rar item_db.conf default of Hercules. @edit: Corrected using no item_db.conf Thanks for the support Dastgir.
  2. Perfect tool! Working properly now. Thanks Dastgir for the support.
  3. Thanks for this wonderful tool Dastgir, you helped me alot! I was thinking of developing this same tool in C because I really need this tool to solve alot of wasted time. Well, I tried to use it and the tool gives me some errors that I really don't understand. If you can help me I appreciate it. @edit: My PC configs (if you need these informations): OS: Win 10 Architecture: x64 CPU: Intel i5 Kaby Lake 7400