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  1. Status Update Scripting: 1/2 slots available Source code: 1/2 slots available Web Dev: 1/2 only web fixes available atm(Main Web Dev is busy with a big project) Thanks! Rok on!
  2. Hi thanks for the reply! Our web dev is currently working on a big project(outside RO world) so we won't be able to provide integrations for a while. Only scripting, source editing & minor web fixes are available at the moment
  3. Thank you @Yatohime! Hi Thanks for the reply! PM sent
  4. Hi thanks for the reply. I'll send yah a message
  5. Status Update: Scripter: Available[1/2] Source Dev: Unavailable
  6. Status Update: Scripter: Available[1/2] Source Dev: Available[0/1]
  7. Status Update: Web Dev: Unavailable Scripter: Available Source Dev: Available
  8. Status Update: Web Dev: Unvailable Scripter: Semi Available(if you're willing to be in queue)
  9. Thanks for the post reply. You're the same person who pmed me on skype right?
  10. Update: Scripter: Occupied. Source Dev: Available
  11. Availability Update: both scripter and source coder now available
  12. Availability update: 1 customer slot for scripting available, src dev is currently occupied until 72 hours from now.
  13. Availability update: 1 customer slot for src mod available after 24 hours.