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  1. UPDATE: New Service Added: Mapping now also available but only with official textures/models unless you already have a custom texture/model made by someone else.
  2. Update: 2/3 slots available "Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." -- Winston Churchill
  3. Status Update Scripting: 1/3 slots available Thanks! Rok on!
  4. https://pastebin.com/hX1WrBxN Its a modified old lady(card remover) should remove for costumes as well. I'll leave the testing to you
  5. sure
  6. Instead of every hour, make it every 10 minutes. Instead of points, change to item. Stop when vending and pub, but allows AFK. /* Instead of every hour, make it every 10 minutes. Instead of points, change to item. Stop when vending and pub, but allows AFK. */ - script ksdfskjfhs -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: dispbottom "Your timer starts now. You will receive 10 minute tickets after being online for 10 minutes"; while (1) { if ( checkvending() != 2 && !checkchatting() ) { [email protected]++; if ( [email protected] > .tick ) { dispbottom "You have received 10 minute tickets"; getitem 7227, 10; [email protected] = 0; } } sleep2 .sleeploop; } end; // doesn't read OnInit: .sleeploop = 30000; // every 30 seconds .tick = 20; // loop 60 times of 30 seconds == 30 minutes end; } There you go, I'll leave the testing to you though just post here again if there are errors Might be better to use timers, i think there is already an hourly point reward somewhere with timers. Just try to search around.
  7. Send / post the hourly script you had and i'll modify it.
  8. Maybe develop while on debug mode, could produce a more understandable error http://herc.ws/wiki/MSVC_Crash_Debugging check this link to enable it on Visual Studio run the map server thru it. and trigger the error again, then post what shows up.
  9. try to remove &pl_sd->bl all together, just put bl on there too. that's what i meant by "try putting bl on first and second since bl is already a block list you probably won't need the pl_sd "
  10. maybe post the whole script and i second to @4144 its better if you use timers on this one. Look up addtimer in doc/script_commands.txt and if you haven't read the whole doc, doing a quick glance at each commands might be a big help for you in the future. You don't have to memorize them, you just need to know what's available to you.