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  1. Status Update Scripting: 1/2 slots available Source code: 1/2 slots available Thanks! Rok on!
  2. Yeah,im not quite sure but I think i had experienced that before. So i had to find it on the source code, since nothing is happening when i change the skill_db.
  3. Hi! if that doesn't work, its either the skill_db you're editing is not the right skill_db eg. your server is in RE and you're editing Pre-Re skill_db or the opposite. or it just doesn't work and that the target for the skill is hard coded on source.
  4. It is possible. On map/party.c you can try to modify the contents of function party_create Find: int party_create(struct map_session_data *sd, const char *name,int item,int item2)
  5. Great! You're welcome
  6. can you show me the lines you modified?
  7. Hi! Do you still need it?
  8. Hi! on things like put the getitem and the setarray inside a block using { } Eg. else if ( @PlayersKilledStreak == .doublekill ) { setarray .@streakname$,"doublekill.wav","Réalise un Double Kill","!"; getitem <itemid>,<amount>; }
  9. Hi! This one's per account: http://herc.ws/board/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4108
  10. Hi, You'd need to edit them at mapzone db please refer to this post http://herc.ws/board/topic/302-introducing-hercules-map-zone-database/ They're located at either db/pre-re or db/re map_zone_db.txt
  11. Status Update Scripting: 1/2 slots available Source code: 1/2 slots available Web Dev: 1/2 only web fixes available atm(Main Web Dev is busy with a big project) Thanks! Rok on!
  12. Hi thanks for the reply! Our web dev is currently working on a big project(outside RO world) so we won't be able to provide integrations for a while. Only scripting, source editing & minor web fixes are available at the moment
  13. Thank you @Yatohime! Hi Thanks for the reply! PM sent