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  1. If possible make npcs of stuffs available and these stuffs can only be used in Battleground, thank you in advance. PS: You asked to remind you.
  2. Right. But I did not use anything, the script in question is native to the emulator, thank you anyway.
  3. Hello everybody. I am having this error in the mercenary_rent.txt script is something strange for me that I have never had this error. I would like to ask for this help so I can solve it and if someone else also has the same error, solve it too. Thanks in advance. The error is below. [Error]: script:getd: `SPEAR_MERC_GUILD` is already used by something that is not a variable. [Debug]: Source (NPC): Mercenary Manager#Spear at prontera (41,337) It happens with the three variables setarray [email protected]$, "SPEAR_MERC_GUILD", "SWORD_MERC_GUILD", "ARCH_MERC_GUILD";