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  1. Wow great news. Looks like @kisuka got their wish.
  2. Since this one was missed. Hair colors are added to the game and character creation Minor improvements
  3. Hey guys, I'm having a hell of a time getting the custom login screen to work. I have a graphic and I've tried all the tutorials and followed all the advice and just cannot seem to get it to work. 2014 or 2015 client (can't remember but believe the process is the same and not at home to check) Did the 12 image split. Did the rename. Anyone have an idea that may have not been suggested here or would be willing to help me via Skype?
  4. Good morning, I am currently looking to start a new server up for my gaming community and looking for a host. I have been looking at Ragnahosting (for simplicity) but, I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion beyond that. I am extremely new to running a RO server and will be allotting time in my schedule to delve into scripting later. The reason I went with Ragnahosting as a possibility is the apparent ease of getting a patcher and emulator support up and running "within 20 minutes". Any insight is extremely valuable. -edit- After a bit of digging, it would appear that Ragnahosting is dead. Now I am not sure what direction to go. :| -edit- -edit 2- Received a reply from Ragnahosting to my surprise. -edit 2- Kind regards, -Johnathan