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  1. Thank you very much @Tassadar
  2. There's a way to edit the intimacy rate? Instead of +1 each time you feed your humunculus you get another value.
  3. There's a thing that I wanna to know too! Following topic.
  4. Where I can see the complete guide to install this plugin? I never had added a plugin before... :/
  5. Before: No virus After: Trojan in almost all. Tested: Custom Icon in Nemo = 62x Trojan Test2: Custom Icon random in nemo (not an icon related to ragnarok) = 0 virus Test3~10: Many icons differents about ragnarok = 62x trojan Test11: Another icon about ragnarok = ok. So guys, this is the solution if you have this problem. Do not use the diff option "Use ragnarok icon", instead of this use "custom icon" and try to find one untill you scan find no virus. @4144 Thanks for the good intention.
  6. Update: Scanned the ragexe before diff : No virus Scanned after diff (with nemo): trojan detected by 50 antivirus
  7. Just released a beta version of my RO and many people saying that they had a problem with antivirus saying that it contains "trojan". W....what? Can't know what is this O_O
  8. Hi. It's a gold way to easily edit your skills damage if you are trying to balance your server. Using this method, you can remove/add damage only for PvP/GvG/BM, then the players will do the original damage in mobs. db/pre-re/map_zone_db.conf or db/re/map_zone_db.conf Sample 1 - PvP: What that means: working of PvP maps (pvp mapflag) ASC_BREAKER (Soul Breaker) will have 150% damage (50% more damage) (If the damage was 10k, then now it will be 15k) CR_ACIDDEMONSTRATION will have 50% damage (50% less damage) (If the damage was 20k, then now it will be 10k) Now you can do the same in " /* GvG zone is applied to all maps with a gvg mapflag */" and " name: "GvG2"" or in what you want. But these will make changes for PvP and WoE1/WoE2.
  9. Hi! Try this: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff431742.aspx
  10. Wow, you gave it on my hands for free. Thanks so much!!! Nice work ^.^
  11. Well, how it can work: this script will check if the table "vipfree" is 0 or 1. If the value is 0, means that the player is new (this script never runned for him), then will add "adjgroup 1" to account for 5 days and change the value of "vipfree" to 1, which means that this script will never run again. Ok, now. How I can make it works? Also, I don't know how to add this table. It's just my idea õ/
  12. Hi guys! I don't know how to transcript this in codes, but that is my logarithm idea: (no programming language, just logarithm) ON LOGIN: {Check login, table_vipfree} // SQL TABLE If table_vipfree = 1 then end If table_vipfree = 0 then Adjust GM Level of account = 1 Change table_vipfree to 1 Set timer for GM Level = 7200 // 7200 Minutes = 5 days mes "You get free VIP for 5 days, please disconnect.........................." mes "msg msg msg" end
  13. Up~~ Não estou conseguindo utilizar o sistema de vip para recém-registrados. Você ainda acessa o forum amigo? @EDIT Eu peço desculpas, confundi os scripts, não foi o seu que baixei.
  14. Tente o que eu te falei e me avise.
  15. A opção de vip para usuários recém registrados não está funcionando.