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  1. Ive tried to translate using google translator so others can help you hello good night I would like some of you help me I'm having a problem with my server ragnarok I created a creator the bug ta in the homunculus I put him to kill some bug he attacked well his problem is that he does not upa you see him exp of it rising more when going to see alt + r stays in the same lv 1 and does not leave this level wanted to know how to act this step by step
  2. Marami d2 ... lol, your search button not working?
  3. Its working fine now, i download the Source again. My friends now are playing with it now. Thank you
  4. Thanks for the Files, i confirm kRO is a clean one, Ragnarok/Ragnarok_RE/RagnarokReplay are all patching , im not using the RSU-Patcher.
  5. What Latest Client Hercules Supports? using the updated hercules version 2017.12. ive tried a lot of exe files already but no luck. TIA
  6. Hi currently im trying to setup a full running 3CeAM r837 Server, i got SQL all installed but the package seems lacking some files like the SQL DB that i need to import to MySQL and some important .txt files, do someone have the updated DB and SQL files to run my server. Thanks In Advance, im attaching photo for reference
  7. -eAthena Ragnarok Online Server Emulator. eAthena 2014.12.20 -eAthena Ragnarok Online Server Emulator. eAthena r15269 -Compiled with Visual Studio -Compiled By: BURAOT + Icons https://github.com/MAXBURAOT/eAthena-2014/releases https://github.com/MAXBURAOT/eAthena-r15269/releases eAthena r15269.7z - Use 2012-07-02aRagexeRE eAthena 2014.12.20.7z - Use 2012-07-02aRagexeRE
  8. Hercules Ragnarok Online Server Emulator. Hercules-Stable v2017.12.17 -Compiled with Visual Studio -Compiled By: BURAOT + Icons 2017.12 https://github.com/MAXBURAOT/Hercules/releases