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  1. ask again after ./configure i got configure: error: compiler is unable to compile shared objects for an unhandled reason, please report this with attached config.log... stopping
  2. Sorry, there is a problemWe could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2D161/2 You can drop IMG in : data\texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\cardbmp
  3. i checked the data.grf with grf editor, i can't find the file.. i had to copy another .wav file and renamed it to this one in-order to stop the error try use skilleffectinfolist.lub original kRO. at translate is error. is mistake. SKILL_EFFECT_INFO_LIST = { [sKID.NJ_KUNAI] = { waveFileName = "effect\\¢¥NAU_¢¥©ªAo¡¾a.wav", effectNum = 1, effectIDs = { EFID.EF_THROWITEM8 }, onTarget = true i try use full kRO with original lub. it's OK. i hope it's help you.
  4. update link download. in file only Headgear Unique
  5. when i test for feeding pet. i got GE. any body can fix it?
  6. All headgear official bRO iRO idRO jRO twRO Update January 2016 Download Last Headgear : Mask_of_Hero = 1367, Parfait_V_Hat = 1368, C_Flower_Summer_Hat = 1369, List Headgear Update : [ACCESSORYIDs.ACCESSORYRuneHelm] = "룬헬름", [ACCESSORYIDs.ACCESSORYPigeonHat] = "비둘기모자", [ACCESSORYIDs.ACCESSORYSailorCollar] = "수병의옷깃", [ACCESSORYIDs.ACCESSORYMarineCap] = "마린캡", [ACCESSORYIDs.ACCESSORYBioProtector] = "바이오프로텍터", [ACCESSORYIDs.ACCESSORYMaskofHero] = "영웅의마스크", [ACCESSORYIDs.ACCESSORYCFlowerSummerHat] = "C플라워섬머햇",