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  1. This solved my problem! I just read about this function on Tnksm!
  2. Hello, community! I'm developing a NPC and I've a problem: Player not attached (see below) [Error]: script_rid2sd: fatal error ! player not attached! [Debug]: Function: strcharinfo (1 parameter): [Debug]: Data: number value=0 [Debug]: Source (NPC): LSI_TestScript (invisible/not on a map) I need a function/syntax to check if a player is attached. First, I tried this, bot not worked: set [email protected], strcharinfo(0) ? strcharinfo(0) : "Unknown"; I need to use "getitem" and "announce" when the mob is killed, but if this mob is killed by a mercenary or by @killmonster command, it haven't a player attached and show error on map-server's console. Anyone have a awesome idea for solve this problem? Tnks!
  3. It worked! Thank you, very much!
  4. Hi guys! I want to use one item to capture several monster and I have the monster's egg working fine, but the taming item isn't working... I tried this, but not working: { Id: 31700 AegisName: "Super_Taming_Item" Name: "Super_Taming_Item" Type: "IT_USABLE" Buy: 350 Weight: 50 BuyingStore: true Nouse: { sitting: false } Script: <" pet IFRIT; pet KIEL_, pet TAO_GUNKA; "> } It captures only the mob TAO_GUNKA (The last mob defined on script). I tried to use the Sage's skill for monster capture, like Abracadabra: { Id: 31700 AegisName: "Super_Taming_Item" Name: "Super_Taming_Item" Type: "IT_USABLE" Buy: 350 Weight: 50 BuyingStore: true Nouse: { sitting: false } Script: <" itemskill "SA_TAMINGMONSTER",1; "> } But nothing happens when I click on the monster with the skill's target. I created 34 monster's egg, and I no want to create 34 differents taming itens... I'll apreciate any idea! Thank you, so mutch and sorry for my bad english. xD
  5. Hello, @redwingangel! Note: The correct session for this question is Off-topic. You're trying to change the client chat color? It's changed at the time you diff your hexed... Note: The correct session for this question is client-side support.
  6. Yeah! I've tested @ban, @block, @jail, @mute and the `state` field was altered only for @block with the value 5. I'm using updated version of Hercules (at this time, Hercules v2017.12.17). Wtf?! It was so easy. I've tried several situations, like I've mentioned above. Only remembering: On this case, the `state` field value non zero is for blocked accounts. Banned accounts is identify by `unban_time` field on same table. Thank you @4144 and @Myriad by your time and reply! That solved my question!
  7. Hello, everyone!! The title is very explicit: "What is the possibles values of 'state' column on 'login' table?" -- `login` table +-----------------+-----------------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +-----------------+-----------------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | state | int(11) unsigned | NO | | 0 | | +-----------------+-----------------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ I know the value 5 for blocked account. This field have more possible values? Which are? Thanks!
  8. Propriamente dito, vc tem criar uma página com acesso ao banco de dados do seu servidor e exibir essa página no Thor Auto-patcher na notice-box. No arquivo config.ini (Configuração do Thor auto-patcher), coloque a página com seu script: [NoticeBox:Box0] Width=347 Height=250 Left=21 Top=217 URL='' Pra se saber quantos players estão online, basta vc fazer uma consulta no banco de dados e exibir o resultado: SELECT COUNT(*) AS `players_online` FROM `char` WHERE `online` = 1; Quanto à situação do servidor, me recordei do Ceres CP que mostra a situação do login/char/map. Ele usa a função fsockopen do PHP. Fiz um script simples só pra ajudá-lo a entender como funciona. Basta vc usar a imaginação e implementá-lo em sua página: <?php $ip_servidor = '';// SERVER IP $porta_login = 6900; // LOGIN PORT $porta_char = 6121; // CHAR PORT $porta_map = 5121; // MAP PORT $login = @fsockopen( $ip_servidor, $porta_login, $errno, $errstr, 10 ); $char = @fsockopen( $ip_servidor, $porta_char, $errno, $errstr, 10 ); $map = @fsockopen( $ip_servidor, $porta_map, $errno, $errstr, 10 ); echo $login > 1 ? "Login: Online" : "Login: Offline"; echo "<br>"; echo $char > 1 ? "Char: Online" : "Char: Offline"; echo "<br>"; echo $map > 1 ? "Map: Online" : "Map: Offline"; ?> Quanto à situação da WoE, basta vc pegar os horários e desenvolver um script pra exibir na sua página. Óbvio que vc vai precisar de um conhecimento básico de PHP, caso vc use... Por isso, invista algum tempo e crie seu próprio script. A base de tudo está aí! Bom desenvolvimento!