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  1. Yes it would be skill related (a bunch / lot of them though, but can deal with them one by one, or in packet size, but with bigger dead lines). Could you add me on discord for further discussions?
  2. Can you let me know when you are avaible again? Can also add me on discord Inzanity#1558 @Myriad
  3. Still alive bro? :)

  4. Is this still alive? I cannot find it in the services section, neither with the forum search. @hemagx
  5. i wish the "all official files" grf was updated :X 2016 is a tad outdated for sprites and collction images :/
  6. Hey Dastgir! I got your contact from yug-webdev (on discord). I need someone to help me with client related modifications, and not just simple NEMO patching. More stuff like HEX editing unwanted features / buttons out of a client, picking the most suitable one for my needs (possibly a kRO zero client, if its stable enough) and general help on that front. Right now i am running a self patched 2017 client, but would like to upgrade to the newest stable client. Another part would be getting the client 100% ready so it can be protected by harmony, encrypted grf, or other client protection services and making sure everything runs smoothly. Would you be available for this kind of thing? If so please let me know your schedule and price (wont be an issue i think). Best regards Inzanity
  7. Zero client has glow on dropped items with rarity different inferface / ui. thats aas much as i know, client wise.
  8. this needs a fix?..
  9. Haha ok, if you prefer another messenger, let me know!
  10. Add me on discord Inzanity#1558 i got something for you maybe.
  11. Really really nice guy! Helped me with everything. Quick response, very professional. Accepted extra work by teaching me how to do stuff...very patient. I am very happy and will definitely come back to @[email protected] if I need his service again! 5/5****
  12. Hey @Judas are you still active`? Got a request
  13. Could you check your skype?
  14. Hey, I have been checking divine-pride. I see that Monster DB from KRO listst MATK (MIN-MAX) as its own value. hercules DB (or IRO DB) does not list MATK as its own value. I have noticed that Magic Skills from monsters on pservers are a lot weaker than on Official servers. I want to know how Monster MATK is calculated and if its perhaps outdated and need to be checked again? I was told that MATK is solely calculated in source, so Id like to ask someone with the required knowledge to answer this question. Thank you very much Inzanity
  15. Hey, im interested in your scripting services, do you have any contact info outside of this forum? pls let me know thanks!