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  1. Really really nice guy! Helped me with everything. Quick response, very professional. Accepted extra work by teaching me how to do stuff...very patient. I am very happy and will definitely come back to @[email protected] if I need his service again! 5/5****
  2. Added you on skype for further questions
  3. Hey @Judas are you still active`? Got a request
  4. Hey, I have been checking divine-pride. I see that Monster DB from KRO listst MATK (MIN-MAX) as its own value. hercules DB (or IRO DB) does not list MATK as its own value. I have noticed that Magic Skills from monsters on pservers are a lot weaker than on Official servers. I want to know how Monster MATK is calculated and if its perhaps outdated and need to be checked again? I was told that MATK is solely calculated in source, so Id like to ask someone with the required knowledge to answer this question. Thank you very much Inzanity
  5. Hey, im interested in your scripting services, do you have any contact info outside of this forum? pls let me know thanks!
  6. Send discord friend invite
  7. try start as admin, or different install location. it opens setup first time (For me) for initial setup/registry. Then not again.
  8. I didnt. But i did now. I can connect, get to char screen, try to create character... grav error... Using Zerofullclient "ZEROSETUP_20171204.exe" with Zero exe 2017-12-12. Broken?
  9. havent gotten the clients to run yet. 2017 12 12 (Dont connect to my local server), anyone got a proof of concept for them?
  10. Added you on 3 weeks ago, could we talk?
  11. Do you still offr your services?
  12. Hey, I am trying to follow this guide here : I am using WampServer, newest MySQL Workbench and the newest Hercules fork. One of my 2018 goals is to learn more about C# And trying to get my own server running and setup with as little help as possible. I followed the guide without any problems, until i got to the MySQL part / setting up your database and connection. Step 11. : The format of the file/location has changed. I believe all required info is now in the Global/sql_connection.conf file. But the names and struture have changed and I actually have no idea what is what and how i have to input that into Mysql WB. Step 20. : Link to the guide on how to create a user doesnt work anymore. Ive not managed to setup a new user yet, only a new connection. (of which im not sure what the user and password should be) Starting Step 21. : As mentioned before, i know how to create a new connection, but not a new server instance, schematic etc. Didnt follow the guide any further than this, since i cannot even get the basic SQL setup right. Would someone be so kind to explain to me, what exactly means what now? And where i would put "root" as user. "Ragnarok" as PW. And if i wanted to change it to, lets say "myuser" and "mypassword", where would i change it and what does need to be changed at SQL WB to reflect it? Thanks a lot..