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  1. @4144 I dont think i can understand it at all. From PEEK format i need exactly informations from file packetlength_version -> section [Packet Keys] with 3 keys. I cannot find it here anywhere and im not able to understand this structure to get it from.
  2. @4144 Thank you so much, i got this client date: 20100623 peek1: 0x5e3cdd CRagConnection::instanceR: 0x419110 CRagConnection::GetPacketSize: 0x419010 peek2a.2: 0x41912b CRagConnection::InitPacketMap: 0x418d60 peek4.4: 0x418de2 CRagConnection::InitPacketLenWithClient: 0x55c060 WindowFunc: 0x6d4f80 CLoginMode::PollNetworkStatus: 0x5e3fe0 CGameMode::PollNetworkStatus: 0x5be7d0 and other informations attached here But i have no idea how to get packet lengths informations from this. I though thats the peek1, peek2a.2 and peek 4.4 but it didnt work with these informations and i didnt get same file recvpackets.txt like from PEEK. Could you help me please? bpe_info.txt bpe_PacketLengths_20100623.ini bpe_data_20100623.ini bpe_packets_info.txt
  3. @Neo @Yommy Is there any way to get packet length from older clients? I need to get it from 2010-06-22 or is there any OTHER way ho to get these informations without PEEK? Thank you for answer!