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  1. Hi guys , Can some one tell me how to add custom loggin background in 2016 client ? i tried the old method but it din work out T_T , please help.
  2. Try This ?
  3. Hey Blinzer, Here's the script This script should access monster ids upto 2083 as you requested. u can add or remove the monster npc is skipping . on line 137, Simply Remove the monster id and " , " after it GLHF !
  4. Hey guys , So i was going through this script , i dont know who it was made by but as i'm trying to learn how to script i read whole script and try to understand how it works so i had a little doubt here please help me if u can. Here's the Script: So as this script pretty much gives u a skill and then stores the skill it gave u in "StalkerSkill" and everytime u login it checks for StalkerSkill and gives u the skill back . so it isnt lost . But problem is when u speak to the NPC in order to get a new it only checks for the skill that you obtained from NPC. So if u have a skill that You got from the NPC it will remove that skill and assign u new one . But what about the skill that a stalker copied from other player . When m doing that its stacking up 2 skills . Is there a way to fix it , and if yes how ? Please Help me out with this one Guys <3
  5. Hey Guys, So i'm trying to learn how to script from herc Documentation and m stuck at getarg() i cant understand what exactly it does , if possible can any one please explain it to me. PLEASE <3
  6. Hey guys, so i've been trying to set item drop rate to 100 % but idk why its not working i had to go to Mobdb.conf and edit them to make them a 100% drop rate item my drops.conf also looks completely fine. Please help :)
  7. Links are dead, Can some one update them please :).
  8. Hey Guys , Can some one please tell me 1) How many custom jobs can we add to game at max. 2) How many custom Skills can we add to game(max). 3) is there a way to add custom skill effect ? 4) Can there be custom Mounts ? 5) What is latest Client ? And what features does it have ? 6) Any way to remove Doram from Latest Client ? 7) What Kind of client is this <3 Y'alll - Atomik
  9. Updated Link: - Beginner Scripts - - Intermediate Scripting - - Advanced Scripting - (I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE TUTORIALS , I'M JUST TRYING TO HELP COMMUNITY BY RE-LINKING THE GUIDES ) Happy Scripting !
  10. love u m8 <3 ur fking awesome
  11. Do you have a alternate link because herc blog is down T_T , please help.
  12. Hey guys, Just wanted to know if its possible to create Multiple instances for a single map. For Example . A guy takes a Quest and he is teleported to a Map to complete the following quest of killing a monsters. At same time another guy takes the same QUEST But then i dont want him to go in same map as the other guy instead of that i want to create a separate instance for this guy . So i wanna make it like the quest can be only done solo . Kindly help me out with it <3 Regards, Atomik