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  1. I tested this on a rathena test server and it seems that I can only use 1 bound type either 2 or 4 only
  2. Sorry for posting rathena links . I want to make a token like item that will serve as guild contribution points. And I will create an npc that can only be accessed by guild members and will trade the said points for certain Items. Reading this features . I got few questions. 1. Can I make the item be char,guildbounded at the same time? 2. If I can make it character/guildbounded , I don't need to use account binding because it wont be traded or stored anyway right? 3. Does binding it to character also prevents it being deposited to guild storage even though it's also guildbounded. 4. will this command do this requirements . @itembound itemid,1,6 with this post Where would I set it so If a player leaves or get's kicked off the guild, have that bounded item be deleted . I don't want it to be transferred to guild storage or be account bounded to the guild master. And if the guild breaks. the items will just be also deleted .
  3. Sorry for Necroing this post , but how can i add new skills to have mineffect in the id2rageffect.txt. Like I want to add psychic wave and varetyr spear to have a minimized animation effect