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  1. It is true long way of work!, what do you mean by official manual of ep 8.2? if you got all the manual from 1 - 8.2 that would be great for you to know what are the changes made by Gravity.
  2. You also need to know some changes in mechanics of the game, such as skill adjustments and other. I will frankly tell you that this will be a long road to reach, I was also working with a personal classic version project. Maybe we can share some sights just give me a beep.
  3. Dude you got non xray for 2008-01-02?
  4. Would like to know your inputs about these two Debian version? Currently using Debian Jessie, should I update to Stretch? or should I stick with Jessie? Which is more stable to use for a server? and if I be switching to Stretch would it be better?