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  1. XtrimityRO 2018 is back and better than ever! Old and New players are always Welcome to Join us! * Website @ https://xtrimityro.net * Control Panel @ https://xtrimityro.net/cp * Facebook @ https://facebook.com/xtrimityro * Protected by Gepard Shield 2.0 * * Features * Competitive Nonstop WoE Everyday (Autoprize) DoTA PvP Announcer with Ladder Ranking Punching Bag (DPS Tester) Quest Cash Shop System Balanced Donation System Non-PK Pre-Renewal (Classic Transcendant Jobs) Popular @commands Base Lvl: 99 (Baby Class: 99) Job Lvl: 70 (Baby Class: 50) Max Stats: 99 Max ASPD: 190 Max Zeny: 2,000,000,000 Main Town: Prontera Main Currency: TCG, Mithril Coin and Proof of Donation * Rates * Base: 1000x Job: 1000x Common, Healing, Usable, Equipment: 50x Card: 25x Custom Upper Headgears! - 4 Slots - All Stats +10~ * Freebies * Starting Zeny: 1,000,000 Headgear: Solar God Helm [4] (All Stats + 5) Items: Half God Items (Buy thru Starter's Shop) Items: Valkyrie Set (Inside Inventory) * Hourly Automated Events MVP Invasion starts OnMinute02 Cluckers starts OnMinute05 (Prize: 30 TCG) Disguise starts OnMinute15 (Prize: 10 TCG / round) Find the Mushroom starts OnMinute25 (Prize: 10 TCG / mushroom) Poring Catcher starts OnMinute30 (Prize: 40 TCG) King of Emperium Hill starts OnMinute35 ends OnMinute55 (Prize: 40 TCG on guild winner upon clicking exit npc)