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  1. +10 @luizragna thank you for your kind help
  2. How do you change the coin to another item? if i put on another item for trade like and Apple to zeny ot like poring coin im using this custom item which has and ID 26080
  3. i have a custom item called Credit its like a Game ticket so its for players to use exchanging it to 10m zeny per 1 Credit
  4. just a simple trader with that checks for 2b max zeny... liek a coin to zeny trade 1 Coin = 10m zeny something liek that
  5. something like a credit or a ticket and trade it to zeny
  6. Hi all. is there any npc script that trades Credit - Zeny and vice versa which has a limit to 2b zeny thank you guys..
  7. Hello Mumbles any chance you can change how many cashpoints you can trade? like 10 cashpoints = 1 POD