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  1. @Myriad Didn't work for me. How did you know that 2061 == SP_TOLERANCE_RACE? Where the emulator keep the code from each item_bonus? If I take a look into bAddRace C++ code may I could make it works, Could you tell me where to find? Thx
  2. K, I'll check out. Thanks for your replies, Sav4Ge <3
  3. Hey @Myriad, Thanks for replying, Thats it! Actually I was using AddRaceTolerance, it was my mistake. Damage Reduction are all working now that I've translated them into "bSubRace". By the way, there is still one problem: <" bonus2 bAddRace,RC_All,20; "> Script for Turtle General's Card is not working but returns no error on map-server. I've made damage tests and the script is not working. I've managed to <" bonus bAtkRate,20; "> and is working fine just like Turtle General's should be. But the problem with <" bonus2 bAddRace,r,n "> comes into Hydra Card with script <" bonus2 bAddRace,RC_DemiPlayer,20; "> and the "not working bonus2 bAddRace problem" is going on all over the items that use it. Any ideas about what should I do to solve <" bonus2 bAddRace,r,n; "> problems? Thanks A LOT for your time, Sav4Ge <3
  4. Hello guys, I am facing a lil' problem on the source (I guess) and didn't find a way to solve. So I decided to come straight to the experts. Please excuse my english, I've never put my footprint into a english school so let me know if something gets misunderstood. My problem is that when I equip any item that uses bonus2 (i.e.g: <" bonus2 bSubRace, RC_ALL, 20; ">) the script doesn't work and I get this Warning on the map-server: "[Warning]: pc_bonus2: unknown type 2061 16 15! [ERROR] --- failed assertion --- [Error] --- 'path to the file \src\map\pc.c:3849: '0' in function 'unknown' [Error] --- end failed assertion --- " #edit Feather Beret (5170 or 18755) uses bonus2 and the 10% damage reduction is an good example. On the spoiler goes a print of the map-server warning: Other informations: My hercules is the latest get on the git; Hexed: 2017 - 06 - 14 bonus and bonus3 are working fine. Thanks for your time! Sav4Ge. <3