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  1. thank you!
  2. where is the place where the actual weapon aspd base ? like 2h sword is slower then 1h.... i am also looking for the job level bonus stat you get please i remember seeing it before but now i cant find it :'(
  3. you need to go to you vcproj folder , im using vcproj-14... you will see something called plugin.sample, make a copy of that in the same folder, and rename the copy mapcache.... go into your visual studio and right click on your hercules solution and add existing, go to the mapcache u just made and then you will now see it, ok right click hercules solution and rebuild... should have 0 error if i remember, then go WIN+R cmd , go "cd desktop\hercules" then do "map-server.exe - -help" 2 dash no space hard to see then do "map-server.exe - -map (mapname)" 2 dash no brackets or perenteses
  4. post what you did in your db and lub
  5. i just did ctrl alt delete and then esc , fixed it zzz lol
  6. only happened when i started hercules emulator but nividia geforce gtx 745
  7. no they arent if i tweak them back to low and high its horrible everything looks pretty good except for a few things, the outlines of some jobs are really ugly black and the emoticons arent showing it isnt my light maps either :|
  8. textures seem really low quality, i can barely see emoticons... im using client 140205b.... only client i could get to work....resolution doesnt change anything... please halp
  9. I havnt seen a quick switch to enable 8.0 only content but if you know everything.... just set your limits
  10. maybe no pre set to quickly change everything but you could do it yourself pretty easily
  11. in mob spawn theres an additional 2 hidden options for size and ai setting the last of the 2 to 1 did it
  12. everytime i do something i expect 100 errors but surprisingly getting none
  13. you need to take the plugin.sample file foud in your vcproj folder and rename that mapcache then right click solution hercules and add existing and click the new mapcache file you make and then rebuild solution... after that it worked for me but i might be forgetting a step lol after u do that do and after map-server.exe --help , you type map-server --map (mapname)
  14. skip to what the pink girl says
  15. Hello i was wondering if there was a way for mobs to attack each other? if i use @summon and @spawn they will fight but there must be a way to spawn them like this> Thank you