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  1. doing the usual, started adding some new status icons for my stuff and bumped into an error where my run server would just stop and say restarting didnt point to anything until i screwed around with it even more ( seriously i didnt get the actually error until i purposely broke things to test) alright rewind a few days no biggie and retrace my steps Oh my custom skill area grid is making the error, but why was it effecting my sc and si list. . . they both have a number max i guess go look for some MAX_ defines Ahh here she is: #define MAX_SKILL_UNIT_LAYOUT 65 like everything else its set to super low numbers so its easy to break with no warnings given but the best part it that this skill was functioning properly for a couple days, it was only until i started adding more sc and si entries that my server run just STOPPED working at all. . . so then your sitting there like WHAT?!?!? LMAO Everything is fine now. one of these days herc is gonna kill me
  2. hows your mapflags.conf? there should be a txt for your flag ... if not u got some deep src issues lol never did that though so may be something else but u can post your stuff for me
  3. try adding this Zeny -= .price; im trying to modify your script myself but its just a headache, but it didnt look like you had this command in your script
  4. well all these problems are gone now since i changed my client to 2015-10-29a. . . LMAO
  5. I cant find where to change the names for the tabs on the side where you click "Act" "Pen" "Rec" "Epi" "Loc" "Evt" "New" I would like to change these if possible :/
  6. there is also star wars lol . . . and a really neat pokemon one THAT IS SO CUTE THOUGH COMING TO 2016 CLIENT
  7. trying to play around with blind but when i start up fresh client i get the usual black dots on custom maps but my blind is clear I just do ctrl alt delete, then cancel and the black dots go away but then my blind fucks up Probably my gfx card but is their a simple fix for the blind? gfx card = nividia geforce gtx 745 If we can fix both problems thatd be great though
  8. Well i think this was my rogue problem, its fixed now only cause i destroyed the inheritance and just added all the skills to stalker (Y) I dont think i did anything and i had soooooo many errors no one would reply to when i started up herc that it must have been bugs or something haha litterly not a problem now, i am a god of my world
  9. mob_skill_db 1388,Arc [email protected]_SUMMONSLAVE,attack,196,7,10000,700,60000,no,self,slavele,3,1443,1246,1742,1743,1744,18, 1388,Arc [email protected]_SUMMONSLAVE,idle,196,7,10000,700,60000,no,self,slavele,3,1443,1246,1742,1743,1744,18, Id: 1443 is a G-Cruiser... everything after slavele,3, are the mob ids that they summon, then recall slaves simply just teles them all ontop of the mvp sorry i dont understand your question
  10. Ive never seen an NPC in RO that had currency besides cash point / zeny but i may just not be understanding you So i dunno dude
  11. this happens to me when i get one of my characters stuck in a map i deleted or something
  12. i know alot of the ninja/rebellion skills are within our GRF but they arent in texture>effect folder, they are sub folders of the Effect folder and if you open the up and check the skills.....for example go to your data>texture>effect>RL_QUICK_DRAW folder and click on our associated STR and you check the extract resources tab, and look how no bmps are linked to it ( if you put them all in the EFFECT folder rather then their own, they get linked and check marked like everything else.... I tried making one of the rebellion skill effects appear but it didnt work just by throwing it in and reusing the skill... no i think we need specific skill.c settings for it... i dont know , dont care too much lol edit: Yeah they arent supported totally, a few things are there but if you know how to code you can just copy rathena rebellion/ninja and move it over lmao
  13. install xampp control panel and when you instal it click for apache and SQL (then run both ofc) go open admin for SQL go add new database for your game (been so long but) then add your Logs to it go to privileges > add your new one with all the same info you used in the conf files in herc emu should be fine after that, just like what daddy said but different program (sorry)
  14. thank you runserver.bat for telling me what i do wrong <3