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  1. any easy way to make a database similar to rms or would i have to input everything separately or whatever
  2. nevermind...... sorry for all the bumps but it works now, excluding spr and act files there was no need to modify the clients data/skillinfoz and i was just making errors for myself, the only files i had to modify were ones in the server, i havnt added my own sprites yet and for some reason one of my spells always misses
  3. ok so i make a new grf using my english translation and make my skillinfoz edits in there now i cant log in... i would make the edits in the skillinfoz in my data.grf but everything is NIL in notepad++ this is the same error that i got when i use directories alone... so thats answered inside the grf i used i made these edits to data/luafiles514/luafiles/skillinfoz/ skillid.lub skilldescript.lub skilltreeview.lub skillinfolist.lub and i made the changes to skill_db.conf since i couldnt find any of the text files the tutorial talks about skill.c battle.c skill.h my client diff is just recommened nemo things pulled from the git...except to read my lubs instead of luas... not sure how to post that if necessary this is making me sad \ like im making a pre renewal server anyways... im thinking just going to an older kro client where the tutorials might be a bit more similar?
  4. soooo you can skip to the bold ... this is my data.ini and my game works fine and the features ive been opening up are working (stylist) without the dyes grf i get errors on a clean download using stylist but i can place it at the bottom of my priorities if i move my english.grf anywhere under my datas, my game goes korean OK - I want to figure out how to add a skill....... i follow the steps thoroughly and im not sure what to do about "myserver.grf" with all my custom sprites and things.... i try just adding a new data.grf with only my .... "data/luafiles###/luafile/skillinfoz" then all the .lub files for the custom skills with the edits.... OK - turn it into a grf.... is this right? or do i copy everything.... from the clean kro data.grf and just make my own hercules.grf as a clone.... and just leave the data.grf at the bottom.... but then where do i keep the english... it has a skillinfoz folder too.....wont that over ride it.....cause i cant place it.... or do i just combine it with my hercules.grf..... ;_________________; When making "myserver.grf" do i make a clone of the clean kro data.grf OR just the directories im gonna use, For Sprite (¸ó½ºÅÍ) and my data/luafiles/Skillinfoz directory It seems like alot of work unpacking my entire data grf just to edit my lubs since i cant do it in the grf editor? I must be missing something... i dont even wanna think about adding sprites yet im trying this now incase someone can answer me quicker
  5. so instead of it looking like this HERCULES> LOGS> it should be HERCULES > -Logs? Damnit. thanks
  6. Yes sir i added my main.sql and my log.sql as schemas in my database the only thing "apply" that i can think of would be to "apply ... solution"? in a compiler i used before i think so i was hoping you could elaborate a bit..... thank you! edit: so many different tutorials.... lmao edit2: so i switch to xaamp / appach/phpadmin and do everything and get the same error but servers are ok..... edit3: Still got this error but im on my local server... everything seems ok.... Will i run into any problems taking my folders offline for work? Thank you
  7. Dont really understand what you mean by this, im not too familiar with the lingo Ive added my logs schema in my workbench
  8. Hi im confused with this step in the tutorials and im not sure if its relevant with the errors im getting all my servers are connecting fine its just my login server Not exactly sure where this is since it seemed to me that were using the sql_connection.conf file now or not maybe im wrong there but i didnt bother using import files for these steps cause...i didnt ... but no connections errors or anything besides this loginlog.... figured id ask now before i try things my self and have to restart tomorrow, thank you kind sirs ^_^