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  1. Ive never seen an NPC in RO that had currency besides cash point / zeny but i may just not be understanding you So i dunno dude
  2. this happens to me when i get one of my characters stuck in a map i deleted or something
  3. i know alot of the ninja/rebellion skills are within our GRF but they arent in texture>effect folder, they are sub folders of the Effect folder and if you open the up and check the skills.....for example go to your data>texture>effect>RL_QUICK_DRAW folder and click on our associated STR and you check the extract resources tab, and look how no bmps are linked to it ( if you put them all in the EFFECT folder rather then their own, they get linked and check marked like everything else.... I tried making one of the rebellion skill effects appear but it didnt work just by throwing it in and reusing the skill... no i think we need specific skill.c settings for it... i dont know , dont care too much lol edit: Yeah they arent supported totally, a few things are there but if you know how to code you can just copy rathena rebellion/ninja and move it over lmao
  4. install xampp control panel and when you instal it click for apache and SQL (then run both ofc) go open admin for SQL go add new database for your game (been so long but) then add your Logs to it go to privileges > add your new one with all the same info you used in the conf files in herc emu should be fine after that, just like what daddy said but different program (sorry)
  5. thank you runserver.bat for telling me what i do wrong <3
  6. no rebellion or ninja second though
  7. does it emit light in a @night map? :|
  8. Using what you said you can probably do it Its a bit troublesome to write for you but if you cant just let me know.... but i have an AI where they only target a certain type of mob AI who doesnt aggro back, but then theres the regular monsters just roaming about too...I heard people were having trouble getting the monsters to keep walking AFTER they fought each other at the towers in MOBA style RO mod... Unless you gave all the minions their own ID (3 seperate soldiers 3 seperate archers) would have to get creative but i can see it xD Ive also made it so that i have the mining veins around the in game dungeons where once you get near it monsters start coming at you in waves, still working on it but its pretty neat.... //TEST pay_dun02,203,104,0 script mining 4_CRACK,3,3,{ npctalk "Nearby monsters look pissed"; donpcevent "Mining#paydun2::OnEnable"; end; } pay_dun02,1,1,0 script Mining#paydun2 FAKE_NPC,{ OnInit: disablenpc "Mining#paydun2"; end; OnEnable: mapannounce "pay_dun02","Monsters start howling",bc_map; enablenpc "Mining#paydun2"; initnpctimer; end; OnDisable: mapannounce "pay_dun02","The howling stops",bc_map; disablenpc "Mining#paydun2"; end; OnTimer1000: mapannounce "pay_dun02","you win!",bc_map; set [email protected],monster ("pay_dun02",194,89,"Soldier Skeleton",1028,1); set [email protected],monster ("pay_dun02",194,89,"Soldier Skeleton",1028,1); unitwalk [email protected],193,103; unitwalk [email protected],193,103; sleep2(2000); unitwalk [email protected],204,109; unitwalk [email protected],204,109; end; OnTimer5000: mapannounce "pay_dun02","you win!",bc_map; set [email protected],monster ("pay_dun02",194,89,"Soldier Skeleton",1028,1); unitwalk [email protected],193,103; sleep2(2000); unitwalk [email protected],204,109; end; }
  9. what? are you asking for a true damage that always hits 999 or something what? because im not here everyday i will provide you with what i can make sense of what you say go to skil.c find TF_THROWSTONE it will be above this skill->attack(BF_MISC,src,src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,tick,flag); add your skill over this make sure in skill DB in your pre/re folder your skill is set to MISC type damage not magic or physical or w/e then go to battle.c find case TF_THROWSTONE: md.damage=50; break; add your skill with its new damage, if you are editing old skill go back in battle.c and delete all other traces of it unless its something super specific and not damage related (probably wont)
  10. Yeah hercules is pretty friendly with adding these things... only wish i knew how to get custom skill effects working better lol
  11. go to your skill.c switch (skill_id) { case BS_DAGGER: case BS_SWORD: case BS_TWOHANDSWORD: case BS_AXE: case BS_MACE: case BS_KNUCKLE: case BS_SPEAR: case BS_PLUS: flag = battle_config.produce_item_name_input&0x1; break; case AM_PHARMACY: case AM_TWILIGHT1: case AM_TWILIGHT2: case AM_TWILIGHT3: flag = battle_config.produce_item_name_input&0x2; break; case AL_HOLYWATER: /** * Arch Bishop **/ case AB_ANCILLA: flag = battle_config.produce_item_name_input&0x8; break; case ASC_CDP: flag = battle_config.produce_item_name_input&0x10; break; default: flag = battle_config.produce_item_name_input&0x80; break; } find this and probably somewhere here, i havnt test out adding it to my own items but i did remove names off of one of my creation lists so i know its this
  12. you need english translation?
  13. You mean how long the song effect stays after you leave the bards range? go to your DB Pre or re Skill_db : Find bragi { Id: 321 Name: "BA_POEMBRAGI" Description: "Magic Strings" MaxLevel: 10 Hit: "BDT_SKILL" SkillType: { Self: true } SkillInfo: { Song: true } AttackType: "Misc" DamageType: { NoDamage: true } SkillData1: 180000 SkillData2: 20000 CoolDown: 0 Requirements: { SPCost: { Lv1: 40 Lv2: 45 Lv3: 50 Lv4: 55 Lv5: 60 Lv6: 65 Lv7: 70 Lv8: 75 Lv9: 80 Lv10: 85 } WeaponTypes: { Instruments: true Whips: true } } Unit: { Id: 0xa9 Layout: 3 Interval: 3000 Target: "All" Flag: { UF_NOMOB: true UF_SONG: true UF_DUALMODE: true } } }, soo bragi effect is 20 seconds? Change SkillData2: 20000 > 50000 save and reload server, dont need to compile for this ....... I dont remeember the last time i used bragi though so it could be something else for duration outside the clown's range! so if its in src you looking for sorry!
  14. im using 2014-02-05b on the Hercules server version or whatever from about 6 months ago
  15. i had this problem when i was trying to pick which client to use and how to diff edit it with nemo or whatever. Im using client 2014-02-05b and it works good... i went through many clients and many didnt work at all