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  1. Hello visitor, I work for a server that has been looking for a web designer/coder but we fail to find one. There are several people we've contacted but they're either unavailable, haven't responded to us, or they only answer our questions with hyperlinking us to their portfolio, which doesn't even answer our questions indirectly..... this is not the kind of support we want. What do we want? - A landing/entrance page. (example) - A complete new (splash) webdesign including codes. No pre-made templates or resellers. - Proper support plus the sellers availability. Before, during and after our purchase. Needless to say, if we want custom codes added later on we'll pay of course. We don't expect forever free after-support. - Several addons. I.e: Support Ticket, Vend Browser, etc. We'll give you a full list upon contacting. If the addons require purchasing, we will do so so that you can install them. - Finished and ready to use within 1~2 months. Yeah, we're kind of in a rush. Sample of what we'd like (but couldn't reach the sellers due to any of the reasons above): _____________________________________________________________________________ Are you the person we're looking for? Please message me with some samples, a time frame and a price indication. Thank you.
  2. If the solution of the other user's doesn't work, increase the MAX_PET_DB in pet.h to like 3000. Of course, don't forget to recompile.
  3. Not there at all (as in a black map/floor), or hardly visable?
  4. I'm pressume here at this part. Although, I haven't modified any numbers here myself, so don't blame me if something goes wrong. //ATK_RATE scales the damage. 100 = no change. 50 is halved, 200 is doubled, etc#define ATK_RATE( a ) { wd.damage= wd.damage*(a)/100 ; if(flag.lh) wd.damage2= wd.damage2*(a)/100; }#define ATK_RATE2( a , b ) { wd.damage= wd.damage*(a)/100 ; if(flag.lh) wd.damage2= wd.damage2*(b)/100; }#define ATK_RATER(a){ wd.damage = wd.damage*(a)/100;}#define ATK_RATEL(a){ wd.damage2 = wd.damage2*(a)/100;}//Adds dmg%. 100 = +100% (double) damage. 10 = +10% damage#define ATK_ADDRATE( a ) { wd.damage+= wd.damage*(a)/100 ; if(flag.lh) wd.damage2+= wd.damage2*(a)/100; }#define ATK_ADDRATE2( a , b ) { wd.damage+= wd.damage*(a)/100 ; if(flag.lh) wd.damage2+= wd.damage2*(b)/100; }//Adds an absolute value to damage. 100 = +100 damage#define ATK_ADD( a ) { wd.damage+= a; if (flag.lh) wd.damage2+= a; }#define ATK_ADD2( a , b ) { wd.damage+= a; if (flag.lh) wd.damage2+= b; }
  5. Are you only talking about MATK or every skill in general? Here's the code to increase MATK based skills: (It's already modified because I was facing this issue as well - edit to your liking) Keep in mind though, if your Acid Demonstration is also based on MATK, you're gonna have to nerf that or Creators will be way too overpowered. :/ battle.c: //MATK_RATE scales the damage. 100 = no change. 50 is halved, 200 is doubled, etc#define MATK_RATE( a ) { ad.damage= ad.damage*(a)/40; }//Adds dmg%. 100 = +100% (double) damage. 10 = +10% damage#define MATK_ADDRATE( a ) { ad.damage+= ad.damage*(a)/40; }//Adds an absolute value to damage. 100 = +100 damage#define MATK_ADD( a ) { ad.damage+= a; }
  6. Thank you for adding those!
  7. Hello there, Hercules! I thought I might as well be more active on this forum seeing how I am running on Hercules myself now. Here my gift for you, a free map pack! This pack contains the following (7) maps: - Lunette V1.0 - Altzibar V1.0 - Crystilia - Flaris - Jazeera - Welgaia - War Cage [ ] - All the maps are in the playlist, 'cept for War Cage. That map is too small to actually make a video of. Please be so kind to consider one of my purchasable maps. It'll mean a lot to me. Special thanks: Syouji If Syouji didn't save these maps, they would've been lost after reformatting my computer. ^^; Thank you and have fun with the maps! ♥ Free Map Pack.rar
  8. Thank you!
  9. Nope, I'm using Renewal. That's the weird part.
  10. Strange... I don't know about Valiente, but it still doesn't seem to work for me. The error message has changed though: Message: MySQL error (SQLSTATE: 42S22, ERROR: 1054): Unknown column 'matk' in 'field list' File: /public_html/cp/modules/item/index.php:297
  11. Same issue here. It worked fine with rAthena, but unfortunately it doesn't with Hercules. I ran it in de-bug mode and the following message was given: Message: MySQL error (SQLSTATE: 42S22, ERROR: 1054): Unknown column 'attack' in 'field list' public_html/cp/modules/item/index.php:276 Quick edit, oh... I just read you posted another thread stating the same issue. My bad.