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  1. i wrote this NPC for my server Sanctuary RO, with the intention of sharing since it took a lot of work to write i wanted to let other people use the same NPC or be able to edit it or take snippets from it to use in their own creations i'm designing the server economy to depend on cards so i wrote an NPC that will dispense coins every time a card is traded baised on how often that card is traded in by the whole server note that item 9204 is a custom item on my server and it will probably need to be changed there may have been easier or cleaner ways to write this NPC but it absolutely works, the only issue is if you have too many cards in your inventory the menu wont display them all but it requires a lot to hit that point cardshredder.txt
  2. Well, is there an easy way to switch to sql dbs at this point lol like a plug-in because it would be easy to push as a querries Ideally I'd love for it to adjust the drop rate scale able by level but that's a perfect world
  3. Is there an easy way to add an item that drops on every mob? or does it have to be manually
  4. never mind cant find the delete button
  5. I FIGURED IT OUT!!!! not sure why but its the way the client was handling the DNS address its totally fixed now Thankyou everyone who tried to help
  6. when it crashes it hangs the whole client and so does explorer a bit its not like what happens when you have a packetver mismatch (server side doesnt report any issues when the client crashes)
  7. Just tried to do that and it crashed in the same place in the same way Sure have
  8. game client happens imeadatly after login, if i debug i get the following Unhandled exception at 0x775026A5 (ntdll.dll) in 2014-10-22bRagexe_patched.exe: Stack cookie instrumentation code detected a stack-based buffer overrun. occurred i've tried a few different client options and i still get this error anyone have any advice'' i just figured out it crashes when i try to use a DNS address in the Clientinfo i still dont know how to properly fix this
  9. Thanks for a straight answer, I understand a lot of the questions have been answered already. i'm finding it hard to discern what information out there is TODAY current and thankyou so much for pointing me to the updated NEMO
  10. What are the differences between the ragZero RagEXE and ragRE when it come to using it with Herc. i made the assumption that on a PRE server i should be using a Ragexe not a ragRE but i'm finding out that i might be wrong about that. and then we add the enigma of zero (ive been out of the sceen since around 2010 so this is all very new to me) the other question Whats currently the confirmed stable versions that can be patched properly with secrets nemo (Unless theres some other better fork i dont know about yet) Believe me when i tell you ive googled my self into a corner, there is so much outdated info and guides on these forums i have no idea what to believe and im frankly getting tired of that answer for every question i ask