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  1. Hi everyone, is this a bug? An assassin can use Sonic Blow using a non-katar weapons? How to fix this? I'm using a normal account (Group: 0)
  2. Hi everyone! May I (we) request a plugin that is suitable for PK Servers? Dastgir's pk plugin is a good one but there is an issue if your server is PK Enabled. Both players with PK OFF State can still attack each other. It must be (malufett created this on rAthena): - PK Enabled Server - @pk command can only be used in towns - You need to wait 15 minutes before using it again - It won't work on duel - It won't work on mobs - Only works in PVP Mode/Maps Reason: PK Enabled feature is popular in Philippine Servers and the @pk off command is useful for newbies. When farming, when just want to watch the PKing, new hangout for PvP so they can choose any map they want to PK. Thanks in advance.
  3. Try my modified script:
  4. Thanks for sharing this Myriad! I hope you can help us about the @pk off and on plugin too. It's a most requested to modify too. Dastgir's pk plugin is a good one too but it cannot be used on a PK Server. If you want an explanation, I will.
  5. It works! Thanks for the help!
  6. Will try that, Winterfox. Thanks.
  7. Hello @Myriad, Here is the whole code for sharpshooting: case SN_SHARPSHOOTING: case MA_SHARPSHOOTING: skillratio += 100 + 50 * skill_lv; if (sc && sc->data[SC_SOULLINK] && sc->data[SC_SOULLINK]->val2 == SL_HUNTER) skillratio += 10 + 10 * skill_lv; break; the bold one is my edited line. Am I correct on the formula?
  8. Wow, haha! I will try this later. I think it's a good one!
  9. Hello everyone, Can you help me to set the maximum pitch to 32000 only if you have 255 Int or 255 Int and Vit? Already made a topic: But when you have high int and vit, it makes more than 60000 Poition Pitch. Thank you in advance.
  10. Message sent, Judas.
  11. utility

    Hello Ridley, is this script has a limit? Like only 127 players can get the items using that command?
  12. event

    Hello Habilis, how to make this as permanent NPC? What lines needed to remove?
  13. Lemme check it again in my test server. Will update you. ---- I now get your point. The @pk is not working. Players can still attack each other even you are on PK OFF state.
  14. Yes, Ms. Annie. You can only use the command in towns to prevent the abuse. You can also turn it ON or OFF. Only @PK ON enabled outside towns can kill each other while @PK OFF players cannot attack nor hit by other players. I dont really understand the request of Thyro because this plugin is already a good one and same like other old @pk scripts.