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  1. The wordpress website is developed my one of my staff members. He doenst have any experience with fluxcp and im learning about it too.. Do you mind helping us out ? You dont need to know everything, just to help us where to put things. I cant find anything of that subject in web :\
  2. Thank you for the answer ! I will try to do my best manually convert it. Do you think thats too hard to do ?
  3. Hello guys, I just want to know if I can use a responsive website made in Wordpress as a theme in fluxcp. If I can, there is a tutorial for that ? I searched everywhere and didn't found anything. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the help !
  5. Hello guys, So i am brazilian and i need to translate the name of the mobs to Portuguese. BUT i dont know where is the document with the mobs name AND IF i translate their names in the document, i will need to change their names in other places too ? If yes, what places ? Thanks !!