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  1. Got what it takes to bring home some cold hard cash? Bring out your best, and be rewarded! More than $300 worth of cash prize for the winning guild EVERY MONTH! Let us know if your guild is spoiling for a fight, and we'll make sure it's worth your while! ======= Moonlight Ragnarok Online ======= -Open Beta: October 27, 2018 -Official Open: November 10, 2018 -Emulator: Latest rAthena -DDoS Protected -Gepard Shield 3.0 -Max Stats: 255 -Max Aspd: 197 | 195 for EDP Sinx -Server Location: Singapore - Asia Optimized -Proxy - Coming soon ======= Server Rates ======= -Max Level: 255 / 100 -Server Type: Frost | Unfro | Agi-based | Farming | Semi-PVP / WoE | Pre-re -Exp Rate: 25000x -Item Drop: 100% -MVP Card Drop: 100% -Rare MVP Card Drop: 10% -LHZ, Level Card: 1% ======= Custom Features ======= -Balanced Classes [ Extensive ] -Custom Soul Link Effects [ Extensive ] -Custom LHZ Effects [ DarkRO-based ] -Custom Refine System [ Zeny Sink / End-game ] -Custom Costume System [ Zeny Sink / End-game ] -Custom Card System [ Farming / End-game ] -Custom Armor Evolution System [ Zeny Sink / End-game ] -MvP Points [ Donation Item Quest / End-game ] -PvP Points [ Donation Item Quest / End-game ] -Player of the Month [ Kill-based ] -Guild of the Month [ Castle Holder ] -and more ======= Freebies ======= -2x Black Valkyrie Set [ Helm, Armor, Shield, Shoes, Robe ] -1x Black Lighthalzen Aura [ +3 All Stats ] -1x Dragon Wings [ 7 Days ] -2x +10 All Basic Weapons -2x Bunch of Carnation [ +3 All Stats ] -1x MvP Card Set -1x Mini Boss Card Set -10x New Player Coins [ Tier 1 Wings ] ======= Monthly Events ======= -GOTM:Top Dog WoE [ Cash Prize Minimum: $300 ] -Random Costume Gift [ 1x Bound Random Costume ] -and more ======= Important Links ======= -FacebookPage: -FacebookGroup: -Website: - Lite Installer: N/A - Full Installer: N/A
  2. ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR THE MOST AWAITED MID RATE PRIVATE SERVER OF 2018?GRAND OPENING WILL BE ON AUGUST 4, 2018!JOIN OUR LIKE AND SHARE EVENT FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A MIDDLE HEADGEAR OF YOUR CHOICE!!Link: Links👉FULL INSTALLER: - Not Yet Available👉LITE INSTALLER: - Not Yet Available👉FB PAGE:👉FB GROUP:💥SAINTS RAGNAROK ONLINE SERVER FEATURES💥---------------------------------------------------------------------------------💥Transcendent Class 99/70Gepard 3.0 (ANTI CHEAT/DDOS PROTECTION) WOE Announcer enabled within the castleMax Level: 99/70Max ASPD: 190Maximum Clients 2Instant LEVEL NPCCommon Item Drop Rate: x100Usable Item Drop Rate: x500MVP Equipment Drop Rate: x3Lots of Costumes (FOR FASHION ONLY) Salamander, Sword Guardian and Gemini card enabledNO MVP CARDS/NO GODS/NO EDIT ITEMSAll Basic Equipments and Cards available @ NPCWarper NPCZeny Room Questable Feature NPCReset Skill/Stat NpcHealer with Agi Bless Buffs onlyHourly Reward SystemEvery MVP drops an MVP Ticket(TCG)DAILY LOGIN FEATURE - COMING SOON! MVP KILLER OF THE WEEK FEATURE - COMING SOON! MVP respawns every 15 minutes (Tomb System) PK Enabled on every MVP MapsFriendly and active GM'sAll Farming loot's prices are reduced by 50%Available Instance Dungeons:°Sealed Shrine°Endless Tower°Nydhoggur's NestCommands:@rates, @refresh, @autotrade, @feelreset, @iteminfo, @homtalk, @noask, @storage, @pettalk, @whosell, @go, @refresh, @noks, @time, @uptime, @channel, @changegm, @whereis, @whodrops, @guildstorage, @hominfo, @autoloot, @aoes, @homstats, @mobinfo, @shake, @joinevent, @requestMVP Modified Drop Rate:-Dark Bacilium = 6%-Diabolus Armor, Robe, Boots = 6%-Valkyrja's Armor, Manteau, Shoes = 6%-Valkyrja's Shield = 10%-Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb = 15%-Variant Shoes = 15%-Bison Horn = 20%-Combat Knife 10%DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE THE BEST? JOIN US NOW!