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  1. The server screen is the same, because it shows both cases well, you can see how the server allows me to enter with no problems, also, it shows you how the server allows her to enter with no error, but once she logs, her game crashes, as you can see in the screenshot, she gets auth by the server and then her client closes.
  2. More info: This is when I use a VLAN to mount the server: map-server.conf char-server.conf sclientinfo.xml network.conf I can login with no problem when I login using VLAN IP in the client. Servers when I login using VLAN IP in the client. My friends get this after they login and when entering the character selecction screen while they use VLAN IP in the client. Servers when my friend connects to the server using VLAN IP in the client. As you can see, using VLAN, my friend can connect to the server, but immediately, she crashes after connecting, even if she is using the same client and kro like me. In the server logs, the server accepted her connection(Minerva), while when I use WAN to connect, the server and the client dont have any kind of interaction.
  3. I added the empty cdclient dll to my client and it keeps displaying the same message, its weird, like the client not receiving any signal from the server. I have mounted several eathena servers back in late 2000´s and early 2010´s and this is the first time I encounter this kind of issues, really weird.
  4. Little correction, its not regular ragexe, its a ragexeRE one.
  5. Extended info. When I use my WAN ip, my friends get: Servers when I use my WAN ip and my friends try to connect: When I use localhost in the client, I can login with no problems: Servers when I login using localhost in the client: Patches used in 20180704aRagexe:
  6. Sup. Coming from this thread: Newer exes, use sclientinfo instead clientinfo, when I use localhost in my sclientinfo, I can log in without any problems, the problem comes when someone else tries to connect with my wan. All the server runs without any errors but a warning about using wildcard in subnets and when anybody tries to login, the server does not register their login. When I edit network.conf using my wan, I cant login even with localhost, when I leave localhost ( as default subnet, I can log in again, when I use VLAN, and I register my VLAN IP with network.conf, I can log in, but when my friends try to connect, their exe crashes after they log into the character selection screen, and the character server registers their log in. Thats why I suspect, this could be an issue related to subnets in network.conf.
  7. Sup folks. Well, as the title says, I have mounted a new Hercules server to play with my friends, I have installed MySQL 8 server with RO database and tables, I use a 2018-07-12 KRO client with a 20180704aRagexe diffed with only recommended patches, Im using Asheraf´s data and system folders updated, the client opens with no problem. Aparently, my server runs fune, with no errors, only with one warning about using wildcard on subnets, sclientinfo file is configured with my wan, my 5121, 6121 and 6900 ports are forwarded and verified with a port inspector, my firewall disabled and even with DMZ on, my friends cant log into the server, they always get "Failed to connect to server" message. However, when I modify the sclientinfo to run as localhost or LAN ip, I can connect with no problems. I suspect, this could be an issue related to subnets, but I havent worked with subnets in the past, so I dont know how to deal with them, I come here to ask for advice, because I dont know what else could be causing this trouble. Char-server.conf Login-server.conf Map-server.conf network.conf sclientinfo.xml If you need more info, dont hesitate to ask. Thanks in advance, peace folks.