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  1. did you check your ignore missing palette error or ignore resource errors when you diff your client?.. and that is one of the reason why you are not seeing any error.. sometimes error doesn't show in console, you only see error in your console when try to edit some source code or any script just like that.. but sometimes it's in your client side..check carefully and show us some screenshot maybe we can help you with your problems..
  2. ohhh that explain everything well.. because when you said empty the achievement_db.conf i did empty it literally haha.. so i guess this one will work. thanks man i will try it later when i got home EDIT: WOW thanks buddy it works perfectly fine..
  3. i think im gonna stick with Hercules/tree/v2017.12.17 i am now reading the PR from date Dec 18,2017 and above.. i will just push those things until the bug is fix.. it will take some time i guess hehe
  4. @astralprojection i did empty the achievement_db.conf and also try to comment but when i run the server i got this kind of error SCREENSHOT i think is doesn't work by just emptying the content.. maybe a source edit or something is needed will do..
  5. sir @meko i am avoiding the use of achievement system, i have tried the latest revision but i can't removed the achievement it still appear on top of the screen even if i hide it from the diff..
  6. hi guys this is my first time here . and i am thinking of making a ragnarok server and i'd like to ask if this version of hercules is good to use on a live server Hercules v2017.12.17 for Live server i hope someone notice my post thank you in advance god bless us all