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  1. Years ago I used to use something like this in pc_setpos, but I don't know if it still works. The function of the code is supposed to be "when positioning a pc at a random map location, don't land on top of an NPC warp" - } while(map_getcell(m,x,y,CELL_CHKNOPASS));+ } while((map_getcell(m,x,y,CELL_CHKNOPASS) || npc_check_areanpc(1,m,x,y,1))); There's also a closed pull request addressing this issue in more detail:
  2. Will there be an SVN mirror? Github automatically provides an SVN mirror of repositories. Hercules is available with:svn checkout We won't officially work to support many branches or features in SVN, but it should remain in-sync with the latest stable release, based on master branch in git. Custom content? Hercules is going to support custom content that has been officially not supported by other emulators. One specific example of this is the mob controller system from eAthena, which enabled developers to use scripts to control mob behavior. Custom content that conflicts with default behaviors will be disabled, and can be enabled with a configuration flag. Community contributions? For custom content that doesn't fit into our main development branch, we will include a link to the code repository so that the differences can be merged into master branch by individual server owners. We don't have this built yet; the specifics have not been decided. For content that fits into our main development, we will use pull requests to review, test, and give feedback on the code before we merge it. It will be up to the staff to review code changes before merging them into our development branch. If we don't accept the code in our development branch, its repository can still be linked as a custom feature.
  3. Is Hercules complementary, contradictory, or unrelated to other *athena projects? Hercules has a different viewpoint on core development, supporting custom features and community contributions from outside the core development team. In this way, Hercules and other projects can co-exist and pursue their own independent paths to excellence. The hope is that each project can maintain and progress towards their own goals, while merging the work from each other. In terms of development, Hercules will strive to be more open to community contributions, involving pull requests and public code contributions and acceptance.