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  1. Thank you! Currently using a 2015 client. Would be nice to have a bit more of an updated one. Thanks! Edit: It doesn't matter if I have a pre-renewal server, right?
  2. utility

    Perfect! Just when I just recently made a server. Do I just add to the custom npc scripts and then enable?
  3. Hi

    I'm trying to use the latest NEMO with the latest client, and when I apply recommended patches, it gives me a lot of errors. Following a different guide, I got a 2015 client working with all recommended patches no problem. Pre-renewal server
  4. So, will I able to use this for when I setup a new server? Currently doing my research now so I can set things up over the weekend. Will I also be able to use this for a pre-renewal server?
  5. Hi

    Thanks guys! Glad to see a few active people. Been a very long time since I've done this and I'm looking for a kick of nostalgia. I'll make a new thread if I encounter any bumps, but it all should go smoothly.
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    I'm pretty sure it's similar, just wondering if there is any change up to 2019. The wiki page was last edited 2015
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    Anything for Linux?