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  1. mind telling your client's date?
  2. Thank you
  3. Like this? prontera,158,167,3 script Sample 4_M_SIT_NOVICE,{ if (#gotreward + .next_take> gettimetick(2)) { mes "[Random Item Giver]"; mes "Please talk to me after 24 hours."; close; } else { set .random1,rand(getarraysize (.count1)); set .random2,rand(getarraysize (.count2)); set .random3,rand(getarraysize (.count3)); mes "[Random Item Giver]"; mes "Have some of these!"; getitem .item[rand(getarraysize (.item))],.count1[.random1]; getitem .item[rand(getarraysize (.item))],.count2[.random2]; getitem .item[rand(getarraysize (.item))],.count3[.random3]; #gotreward = gettimetick(2); next; close; } OnInit: .next_take = 24*60*60; setarray .item[0],656,657,505,645,506,14510; setarray .count1[0],1,10; setarray .count2[0],5,15; setarray .count3[0],10,20; end; } Edit: Thought it was 1-10 , 5-15 , and 10-20 instead of 1,10 5,15 and 10,20
  4. https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/npc/custom/quests/quest_shop.txt try using this one? setarray .Shops$[1],"Headgears","Weapons","Other"; Where Shop #1 is Headgears, #2 Weapons, #3 Other Add(1,5022,1,0,0,7086,1,969,10,999,40,1003,50,984,2); // Add(<shop ID>,<reward ID>,<reward amount>, // <Zeny cost>,<point cost>, // <required item ID>,<required item amount>{,...}); Sample: Add(1,909,1,0,0,7179,1); Reward to be given: Jellopy Amount: 1 Zeny needed: 0 Cashpoints needed: 0 required item(s):Proof of donation Amount : 1
  5. Hello, I would like to request a plugin that delays the use of @die when being attacked / attacking. thank you in advance
  6. Find int pc_setpos_delay(struct map_session_data **sd, unsigned short *map_index, int *x, int *y, clr_type *clrtype) and change it to int pc_setpos_delay(struct map_session_data **sd, unsigned short *map_index, int *x, int *y, enum clr_type *clrtype)
  7. Try adding the sprite in jobidentity.lub too
  8. Oh thanks
  9. Yep i just got it yesterday both the plugin and emulator from git yep there's a list of clr_type in my clif.h
  10. Can someone help me with this?