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  1. All, I am working on an installation "script" to help you walk through the steps to install the panel. I am also working on a bit of a database re-write which will see some of the field names change to be more uniform. With this, a couple of new tables will be added relating to connection to the Hercules information (most of this will move out of the config directory and into the database).
  2. It's likely you do not have ModRewrite enabled on your Apache server. Mind giving my a hand in this? I want to use this tool and make it my primary server administrator tool. Make sure the ReWrite Apache extension is installed (usually it is on most modern OS's) issue command a2enmod rewrite Then restart apache. Next, make sure your site configuration within apache has the directive +FollowSymLinks under "Options". If it's not there, add it: "Options +FollowSymLinks" Then, restart apache. Should work.
  3. It's likely you do not have ModRewrite enabled on your Apache server.
  4. It is likely your host has a change in their files that makes Hercules running as root work. This is not recommended. You're basically giving full control over your OS to 1 program that is of a client/server architecture. Create another user and use this to run Hercules. I believe the command on CentOS is adduser <username>
  5. You must convert the file to use unix line endings, instead of DOS. Use dos2unix program to do such. Make sure both files are set as +x for the user you intend to run Hercules as. DO NOT run Hercules as root.
  6. How did you fix this error? I just updated to the latest revision and I have no idea what to do. Don't run Hercules under root. Create a non-privileged user and compile/run Hercules with it instead of root.
  7. The act of using Social networking to sign into something. Example: Clicking "Log in with Facebook" on a website, such as Stack Overflow - you've used your Facebook login to login to Stack Overflow.
  8. So where are we moving the custom guides to? This excerpt in the "new" wiki was not refined enough, as it is ever changing content. It was intended to be "don't make content related to the actual creation or use of the custom content". Examples: * Addition of custom mobs into the emulator - OK * Addition of custom mobs into the client - OK * Creation of the actual custom mob (spriting, behavior, etc) - Not OK * Addition of a custom map into the emulator - OK * Addition of a custom map into the client - OK * How to use BrowEdit - Not OK The problem with including client side content into the GitHub wiki, from what I understand regarding how anal GitHub can be, is that the more client side potentially copyrighted stuff we include, the more possible it'll be the HerculesWS GitHub project could get shut down because of licensing issues.
  9. Dear community, Our wiki is our lifeline when it comes to documentation. There is no easier way to write documentation to be read and changed by all then to have it centralized to one place and easily linked through to places it needs to be linked. However, the current installation of MediaWiki we have is poor at doing its job for the most part. It's largely non-maintained and is hindering our IPB side progression as everything we do with the forum has to be compatible with our IPBWiki version, which is terribly outdated (with no more updates to it available) and is preventing us from installing automatically some updates to our IPB installation, or even upgrading our forums (we can't make the switch to IPB 4 because of the MediaWiki installation, for example). Therefore, effective immediately, the current installation of MediaWiki, located here, will immediately be set to read-only, and we will be moving most of the information to our GitHub HerculesWS account, which has Wiki support, located here: Such integration with our GitHub account will allow us multiple advantages, including: * Cloning a local copy of the wiki to your desktop using git, which we already do for our repository * Making changes locally and pushing those changes back to the wiki, all offline. * Support markdown, RST and Textile, among others. * Easily reference bits or blocks of code and link back and forth between the wiki, a commit, issue, a file or pull request, if we want. With this, we can also make a push to upgrade our out of date IPB installation easier, and cut ties to things that are holding us back from a community standpoint. This also affords us the opportunity to sort through our documentation and write things that really matter, in a clear and concise way. The timeline for the move will hopefully be done in the next couple of weeks, "automagically". Note that the current mediawiki is still readable, except nothing can be changed any longer. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns with this change.
  10. The Hercules Admin Tool bugtracker now available Bugtracker?! Why?!?! Cause I was bored. Couldn't you just integrate an existing bugtracker into the panel, like Mantis or Bugzilla? I could have, but eh. This is more fun. Like I said, I was bored. Alright, you were bored. What did you do? HAT now ships with a nearly fully featured bug tracker, integrated into the panel and customizable as such. What does this mean for you as a server owner? Well, I'll tell you! The list of completed features: Open bugs in a new bugtracker interface. Establish versions, categories, a title, and priorities. A field for comments and steps to reproduce are present. Each bug can be assigned to a developer (provided you have permissions to assign bugs and the person you want to assign a bug to can be assigned bugs). Each bug has a log of changes and comments, similar to github. Can add new comments, change status or category of a bug (again, provided you have enough permissions). Cool story bro. This can't be done yet! What else are you adding? Glad you asked! You will soon be able to: Use tags such as "AID", "CID", "ItemID", "MobID", "GID" or similar to reference and link to various parts of HAT (for example, if you write "CID150132" in a bug or comment it will create a link directly to "/character/details/150132") Search bugs Configure the bugtracker from within the panel. And probably more I'm forgetting. What's there that isn't usable yet? There's a few things that I've put in that aren't usable yet. You can mark a bug private and it will save it that way to the database, but there's no mechanism in place to hide private bugs from groups that can't see private bugs. There's a button for search bugs but there's nothing built for it yet There's a button for "Configure tracker" but again, nothing there for it yet. Where can I get this superawesomemegaamazing thing? Obligatory Screenshot: Hello all, As we're getting more and more feature rich, I plan to handle SQL database updates as Hercules does from this point forward. There will be update files with database updates that will need to be ran to keep yourself up-to-date for your tables. Each will be date stamped. This way you can keep your current database(s) and not worry about destroying any potential data. Note: Always still take backups though.
  11. same problem like mine These issues are fixed in
  12. Yeah, there's some things missing since a recent commit where I broke out the ability to have HAT in a separate database. The help would be appreciated if you want to make a pull request.
  13. My current project and reason for lack of commits is because I am attempting to integrate and/or write from scratch a bug tracker into the panel. I hope to have this done soon.
  14. I plan to make a stable pre-release once I finish the installation stuff I've been working on. Once you have a "Stable" way to install the panel that might be a good time to release a pre-release. Jguy, i was wondering if there is an possible to have for rAthena or only exlusively for Herc? I can charge for this or we will meet at downtown or my place in Chicago i live in Jefferson Park. In all theory it would be rAthena compatible with a few database changes. However the features would be much limited. I'm still around. There was a huge project at work I wasn't able to get time away from. I'm still floating around and still picking at the panel.
  15. If you want to see the individual server consoles then starting each individual server in their own screen is the right answer. You can do this with running the individual executables for login, character and map. Alternatively, you can always use ./athena-start, and output the log to a file.