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  1. I see ok..can you show me your edit at itemdb_jobid2mapid
  2. what is the value of your MAPID_SHINIGAMI and MAPID_DREADLORD?
  3. what is your custom job mapid? and did you setup it right in itemdb.c at itemdb_jobmask2mapid?
  4. at pc.c under pc_useitem you will see the item delay function which is under if( sd->inventory_data[n]->delay > 0 ) { where you need to do is add a variable on sd and that will hold all delays that has been stack all those add a tick check then clear once the delay duration has lapse...
  5. clif->specialeffect() only does is to show and display animation with out attachment with the characters action, direction or target but only the x,y where the character is standing... if you want to have interactive skill effect use the ff: clif_skill_damage clif_skill_nodamage clif_skill_poseffect however this is only limited with the existing skills animation
  6. because officially 3rd classes are meant for level 99 and 98 and below has no configuration for its HP/ do that edit your job_db.conf
  7. Hi everybody.. sorry for being in hiatus mode..I just got busy in real life this past years for me having hard time to insert RO dev thingy on my schedule.. I'm sad since I became busy, Herc RE development(SRC) halted upon my I guess should come back? however if I come back I will only implement this in partial meaning only basic features (due to this reason "Its sole purpose is to monetize (which certainly isn't what players are looking for).")...
  8. Hi budy!
    Just dropping by to say hello..:)
    How's Herc content update progressing?...:)

    1. Mystery


      Hey malu ;P it's been put on hold ;o 

    2. malufett


      want me to continue? :)

    3. Mystery


      That you would have to take up with @Haru:o 

  9. Elemental Summons can't hit monsters with melee attacks. could you please finish your revamp of them... please

  10. Addition to also requires now a korean mobile phone besides from the kssn..I can share my account to download the game but you can't use it ingame..
  11. I lost my skype..TT

  12. Hi Nemo it doesn't work, I successfully apply the patch, the exe read those lua however it doesn't have effect in game.. the job name doesn't change, the sprite didn't change too, and other luas doesn't recognize added jobid in the pcidentity.lub what does work is I can modify existing job classes like change there names, sprites and etc...
  13. malufett is going to have a vacation(also don't have net connection) so probably after a week I'll return...
  14. I think there is something wrong with your server.. according to this test a full SP boost and a good weapon for a EF build against high def Royal Guard + some demi human damage reduction equips and you can see the damage 200k when equip and 470k w/o equip....