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  1. Elemental Summons can't hit monsters with melee attacks. could you please finish your revamp of them... please

  2. Addition to also requires now a korean mobile phone besides from the kssn..I can share my account to download the game but you can't use it ingame..
  3. I lost my skype..TT

  4. Hi Nemo it doesn't work, I successfully apply the patch, the exe read those lua however it doesn't have effect in game.. the job name doesn't change, the sprite didn't change too, and other luas doesn't recognize added jobid in the pcidentity.lub what does work is I can modify existing job classes like change there names, sprites and etc...
  5. malufett is going to have a vacation(also don't have net connection) so probably after a week I'll return...
  6. I think there is something wrong with your server.. according to this test a full SP boost and a good weapon for a EF build against high def Royal Guard + some demi human damage reduction equips and you can see the damage 200k when equip and 470k w/o equip....
  7. can you show example? cause I never experience that way..
  8. just uncomment this to disable renewal... /*** Renewal full toggle switch.** Uncomment this line to disable all of the below settings at once.* Note: in UNIX builds, this can be easily done without touching this* line, by passing --disable-renewal to the configure script:* ./configure --disable-renewal*///#define DISABLE_RENEWAL what are they complaining? so that we will know what to adjust.. currently there is no settings for that..only way to do it is, to modify your item and mob database..
  9. great, waiting for it (I guess everyone is lol)
  10. Hercules HP/SP Table Generator

    Version 1


    Tool for generating HP/SP table for Hercules 'job_db.conf' Options: 1. eA Formula - Generate tables using the old and bug/OP formula of eA 2. Sequential - Generate tables using the sequential format(2,4,6...) 3. Custom Formula - Generate tables using your formulated formula(Javascript syntax) Prerequisite - 3.0 .NET Framework
  11. huh? I tested in aegis it works like that..and logical means should work like that cause it has a delay... then remove the delay in the skill_cast_db.txt
  12. there is no old value..its the official value..just change this '2500:2000:1500:1000:500' to 0 btw with 180+ aspd it requires 3x execution of CI for it to chain..tested in aegis..
  13. haven't stated I never said that its working as intended... this is just working as intended(now I say it is zackdreaver )..cause the 180+ aspd beats the minimum delay of GC_CROSSIMPACT which is 500ms...180+ aspd is below 500ms so it is faster..means 500<400 = skill delay act will stop you from chaining it..if you want to remove it then edit your 'skill_cast_db.txt'....
  14. he just fixed possible server crash and derive the formula,,, just wondering why people ignoring this?