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  1. hi good day, im currently wondering if someone can help me encrypt/decrypt CDClient.DLL , and how it works. it might help future free Gameguard on RO. here's the file of CDClient.DLL feel free to explore. CDClient.dll
  2. kurnaz its for sale for exclusive ownership. XD
  3. it says this when i update or get new hercules . what suppose to be the problem? The XML response contains invalid XML Malformed XML: no element found
  4. Can someone make this work on Hercules emu?
  5. a guide too for Windows User
  6. finally , an answer! haha that's exactly the issue on VS 2015 . so i doesn't harm the server. i thought it affect this too :
  7. is it wrong that i use VS 2015 rather than using VS 2013?.. cause i always get some errors
  8. good to hear it dastgir . thumbs up
  9. OMG! haha i've love to have this in my server haha M3ow! ~
  10. nice like on the other rpg game.
  11. is this still up to date on our revision?
  12. well any news? did someone already tried what @@KirieZ post? okay i tried it, and its working. i will improve the design.
  13. im not finished yet on my cutin design XD
  14. i can make the design. :3 one question, we can put sounds if we get some good items on the roll?