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  1. im interested here.. anyway i can extract game assets on ro mobile like 3d models, texures .. but when i try to extract the script its encrypted .. and i think they store the strings there... if you can decrypt the assembly-csharp maybe we can find how to decrypt the script ... anyway i use the tool assets bundle extractor. i made some decrypt python script. here it is
  2. how about charm max stack? for example it only stacks with 5 jellopy...
  3. i'm sorry.. im not full aware of this emulator i just moved on from rathena.. thankyou anyway.
  4. just like in rathena they have features that called Autotrade persistency where autotraders restore after server crash / restart if you want some reference you can look for this - please thankyou..
  5. Hercules.
  6. #0 0x081bf60d in ?? () at skill.c:18185 No symbol table info available. #1 0x0812af26 in map_zone_init () at map.c:4713 len = <value optimized out> flag = "000000000000000000000377377377177070١277&257022b<336065267204١277350000000000[000000000350000000000[000000000b000000000340365033" params = '000' <repeats 21 times>, "035000000000f000000000[[email protected]" zone = 0x0 empty = "b" i = <value optimized out> k = <value optimized out> j = <value optimized out> #2 0x0813652e in mobskill_event (md=0x81bf5e0, src=0x260, tick=390842024168, flag=64) at mob.c:3329 target_id = 12 res = <value optimized out> #3 0x081d6906 in skill_check_condition_castbegin (sd=0xb3da117c, skill_id=232, skill_lv=26886) at skill.c:13291 j = <value optimized out> i = -1277007208 st = 0xb3da1448 it happens when players go to endless tower.. that's why i disabled it for the mean time .. what's the problem with this guys?