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  1. Hi Guys, Its been years that I havent logged in here. It seems many things changed. Im starting now my own VLOG channel, contents that I targeted are my travels, games that Im currently playing, programming courses, and some funny stuff I do with my friends. Hope you subscribe to my channel, I'll do my best to make it worthy of your time. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyM_-TzvgN-tMXWdJKm457Q?view_as=subscriber
  2. Its been years na di ako nakalogin dito. Dami na palang nagbago. Nga pala guys, Im starting my VLOG channel, contents are my travels, playing games, programming, and some funny stuff with my friends. Sana magsubscribe kayo. maraming salamat! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyM_-TzvgN-tMXWdJKm457Q?view_as=subscriber
  3. Sad but Im glad that I played pRO during its golden years.
  4. Does anyone know any Speech to Text Applications or Software out there? Thanks in advance.
  5. Updated: Hello guys, baka may interested sa inyo mag take ng part time job for 1 month. Paki tingnan nlang po sa image ung requirements. Salamat po
  6. Sad My name is not included.. But anyway its amazing that there so many developers contributed to the Project.
  7. Happy New Year Guys! Have a blessed 2014
  8. It seems that whenever I use queueremove(qid,varid); it sets the varid value to -1 instead of rearranging it. Example:
  9. I see I thought all linux os are free
  10. I need a .ISO Thanks in Advance
  11. Does anyone know where I can download a direct link of old versions of Red Hat Linux Enterprise more likely version 6 or 5
  12. But I think doing this kind of command will require a client modification?
  13. <p>Why not use their IP Address? If they make a dual login they will have the same IP also.</p> <p> </p> <p>@Edit</p> <p>I think I get what you just want is one account per pc( assuming that your playing in a internet cafe)</p>
  14. Why?
  15. I'll just request at rA i guess How I wish i could change to rA to Hercules that easily. I had modified my server files quite massively already Create a diff of your server files, then patch manually to Hercules but of course keeping in mind Hercules' source is different. You can might as well start making those src mod as Hercules plugin